Posting Notes

Before you even think about posting a comment, please consider the following…

1] Think before you post.

2] ALL comments are moderated, so I will have to approve it before it appears on the site. Until recently, if you had previously had a comment approved, then you were free to post again without moderation – something I was quite happy with. However, I have had to deal with some rather critical and rude comments made by certain individuals which have caused me to change my mind. Sorry but that`s the way it is. [And some of them have been blocked as a result]

More people download my work than comment on it anyway so for the majority of you it won`t make a blind bit of difference…

3] If you don`t have anything postive to say, then say nothing. Your silence will speak for itself.

4] Think before you post something that`s the internet equivalent of me inviting you into my house and you pissing on the living room carpet.

5] I`m really not interested in what you didn`t like about the Edit. Sorry if you think that`s me being rude but I did it for me, not you.

6] I Fan Edit because I enjoy it. It`s highly creative, takes a lot of time and effort and, judging by the number of downloads, there is an audience out there that enjoys my work. All of which is great, but if it stops being fun, I`ll go straight back to just doing them for myself again.

What really pisses me off is people thinking it`s perfectly acceptable for them to post critical comments when they haven`t even watched the f###ing edit they`re criticising. I`m sorry but WTAF?

7] You`re either the kind of person who likes Fan Edits or you`re not. If you are the latter then please go be a Keyboard Gangsta over at the Outpost Gallifrey Forum. People like you are why I don`t go there anymore.

8] I`m simply not interested in engaging in a pointless conversation that will just go something like this:

YOU – Really good edit, big improvement etc but I didn`t like “X”

ME – Well I did. That`s why I did it that way

YOU – Well I`d rather you`d done “Y” instead

ME – Well I didn`t, I did it with “X” – I like “X”, I think it works

YOU – Well I think “Y” would work better

ME – Fine. Why not go and do a version with “Y” in it instead? I like my version, my version`s got “X” in it. I like “X”…

9] If there`s something I`ve done in one of my Fan Edits that you didn`t like or didn`t think worked, then let me encourage you to have a go at editing the story yourself. Why not? For instance, if you think MY choice of music is wrong, then I would encourage you to make up your own Fan Edit with the music that YOU think is right instead.

10] If you were to give 100 Fans the chance to edit any given story you would end up with 100 different versions. That`s the great thing about Fan Editing – it gives each one of us the ability to come up our own indivdual ultimate version of any story we like. And by extension that means each one of us can come up with our own personal version of Doctor Who! What could possibly be wrong with that? So please, instead of finding fault with my version, why not use that as an incentive to do your own version which will, by definition, be faultless!

11] If you want to suggest an alternate way of doing something, that`s fine. But please don`t waste your time or mine by criticising my personal editing choices.

12] If I`ve made a mistake and something has slipped through the net then by all means point it out to me and I`ll get it fixed. I don`t have a problem with that. But please… think before you post!



22 thoughts on “Posting Notes

  1. Just wanted to say I only came across this page a couple of months ago, and I’m hooked. your fanedits have given me a reason to revisit some much watched and loved stories.

    Would love to see the five doctors uploaded. certainl some more troughtons.

  2. I agree; I look forward to downloading your edits each Friday, and have even taken up some of your techniques; though I completely understand you wanting to take some time off; this hobby is definitely time consuming. Years ago, I put a very short fan edit on Youtube. It was the first thing I ever did; I was using some free software that didn’t have a lot of capabilities, and I spent two weeks on it; I even stated as much on the video. I put it on Youtube to share it with some friends, and a month later some little prick posted; “no offence, but I’m 12, and I can do better than this.” I responded by not publishing his post. Anyway; thanks for doing these, and thanks for taking time to respond to me in the past when I’ve had questions about how you did things. Take care.

    1. Cheers Steve, hope you`re enjoying working with Movieplus!

      I will be back, but at the moment not only am I a bit pissed off, I genuinely am really busy with College work as we wrap up in two weeks. Although that hasn`t stopped me finishing The Invasion of Time last week and The Time Warrior in the past couple of days!

      I plan to be back on Friday June 8th.

      1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with Invasion of Time- that’s always been a favorite of mine, but I’ve always been curious as to what an edit or two could do with it.

      2. Quite a lot as it turns out Carl – I won`t give too much away just yet but it runs just under an hour… and I`ll be uploading it Friday 8th June!

  3. I’m looking forward to Invasion of Time! Roll on the 8th. Keep up the good work and don’t let the buggers get you down!

  4. Fair enough, after all the only reason people say ‘This should have stayed’ is because we’ve seen the original. If this was our first viewing of it (much like when I watched your Death to the Daleks edit) then all we’d see is a well paced story. I think it’s that reason why your take on the Hartnell to Troughton regeneration wasn’t to my taste rather than it was bad and I was pulling you up on it, when I viewed it again on its own merits, it was a smooth transition and worked well to portray the concept of regeneration with the shots available. Thanks for the great edits and hope you keep enjoying editing them.

    1. Thanks Tom – I think it all comes down to whether you`re the kind of Fan who enjoys different versions of the same story or you`re not. After all, if we can have Novelisations, Soundtracks, VHS/DVDs and Audiobooks of the same story then why not Fan Edits too?

      There are 156 stories up to and including the 1996 TV Movie. Today I`ve just finished The Web Planet and that was Fan Edit #76 which means I`ve only got 2 more to do to and I`ll have edited half the Classic Series in three years…

  5. Hi, I had to say I loved your take of Day of the Daleks. The story was better and flowed at a good pace and using the new effects version made it even better! Well done! Keep up the good work!

  6. Suggestion for 50th the three doctors but up date the effects i.e. the way the gel guards pop up and some of the sound effects are dated…just an idea!

  7. I’m guessing that requests are not very polite, but I would love to see the key to time series as a fanedit. Maybe as one contunous epic adventure, finishing with the opening of Destiny of the Daleks, with the newly regenerated Romana trying on the different outfits.

    1. Not at all Mark, requests are more than welcome [only Next Time, put them in the Contact Page!]

      You’re not the first person to mention TKTT and I must admit I do fancy tackling it at some point. And yeah, I`ve thought about doing it as an Epic Edit, but could you do justice to each story? I mean, you wouldn’t exactly need a lot of The Androids of Tara now would you!

      And sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve already done Destiny of the Daleks and the Romana regeneration scene is staying on the cutting room floor…!

      1. Thank you whopix for your reply, 🙂

        in regards to the TKTT, I think one major epic would be….. well epic.

        I know some people are voting for seperate parts, but I think that mainly because people think that a large single download would be too big and currently your rapidshare account is mad busy and your allocated daily download bandwidth used up on most days.

        Maybe do TKTT in two parts, and I agree with you about Tara, but just treat the whole story as a normal ep, even if it means only being three mins long.

      2. Thanks Mark – yeah files size has been concerning me too but I`m thinking of moving some stuff over to Filedropper to see if that works any better.

        I’m currently in the process of editing Pirate Planet [did Ribos a couple of days ago] and there are a few options I`m exploring as far as structure is concerned…

    1. Thank you, Rich. It was only when I counted them all up that realised “Snowmen” was my hundredth. Had no idea while I was working on it, I only knew that I was getting close. One hundred in three years is pretty good going I reckon, at this rate the Classic Series will be done by about 2016!

  8. These Fan edits are great!!!!…at least I assume they are, I attempted to download one and the download was going to take up to three hours. It is not my internet connection as I have never had that problem before

    1. Strange, which one was it? If it was one of the movie-length ones that might account for it…
      Anyway, nothing to do with me – best do it overnight if that’s the case and have it waiting for you when you wake up!

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