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Please use this page to:

1] report any broken links on the site or errors that may have slipped through the net in the editing process – they’re rare but they do happen!

2] make general requests for Fan Edits you`d like to see me tackle in the future

3] generally say nice things about my work and be encouraging!


229 thoughts on “Contact Whoflix

  1. I have two requests. 1) can you upload the Five Doctors again? And 2) have you done a fan edit of the Three Doctors?

    • Hi Steve –

      1] there are no plans to upload The Five Doctors any time soon; there are a few errors that slipped through the net that I need to fix and a couple of things I want to redo. It`ll deffo be up in the Anniversary year if not before and yes, it will be worth the wait if you haven`t seen it!

      2] No I haven`t done the Three Doctors and don`t really have any plans to at the moment, although I am still ploughing through my Includes Hartnell Photonovel Version elsewhere!

  2. Ah, one more request. One of my all time favourite episodes is City of Death. Would love to see a fan edit of this one with a lot of the walking in between places cut down a bit. I know they were probably taking advantage of shooting abroad, and wanted to show scenery, but they did a lot of walking in that one.

    • City of Death has been done and is on it`s way – if you check out the latest Poll Results then you can work out how many weeks it is before it`s due to be uploaded!

      I was really pleased with that one, especially with the solution I came up with for the problem of Scaroth`s Head!

  3. I just recently discovered the world of fan editing. I recently bought a copy of Sarif Movieplus, and have been having fun making some of my own edits. I notice that you use this software as well, and I was wondering how you do two things. 1) you mentioned in your last release that you hand painted each frame to remove the ticker tape from the interior wall of the Tardis. I’ve yet to find a way to edit fames without exporting the frames one by one, and then individually putting them back in the correct order in the timeline. Is this your method, or is there an easier way. 2) I’m curious how you change the sound track music in places where there is dialogue. How do you remove the music and not the dialogue? Thanks, and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Steve – hope you`re having fun with Movieplus!

      You don`t say which version you have – I`m currently on the X3 version, although X6 is the latest. Most of my Fan Edits were done using Movieplus5 until very recently. Okay, to answer your questions…

      1] yes, that`s how I do it. I copy each individual frame, work on it [in Serif`s Photoplus!] and then export it back into the timeline. There`s no other way that I know of but it depends on what you`re doing to the frames in question. I`ve used simple Masks to cover things up but tracking something across the screen or removing it altogether isn`t possible without Restoration Team type tech so you have to do it by hand.

      And don`t even think about doing frame work in anything less than the X3 version – in earlier versions the exported frames will need resized to match the surrounding unaltered footage. Some sort of glitch, dunno why but a real pain in the arse. Sometimes the easiest way to do frame work is to make your alteration a simple transparent Ping [PNG] Mask – that`s what I did with Voga in Revenge.

      2] If you`re talking about Revenge of the Cybermen then it`s simply a case of fading out the music around the dialogue and trying to find a cue that fits with what`s left so it doesn`t sound too discordant. You don`t chop up the sound file, that would be too noticeable, you fade it out quickly or in time with the new cue you`re putting on top of it. And since I used the music from Earthshock it was fairly easy to find things that matched or could cover up the originals. As I recall the hardest bit to match was the sequence where Harry makes the rocks fall, I remember that bit being quite tricky to get right. It`s a case of crossfading at the right point to try and make them seem like one cue instead of two combined!

      One of the things you`ll find is that there is a trade off between what you want to see on screen and the amount of time and effort it need to achieve it. You have to judge whether it`s worth it – for instance, if I did The Three Doctors I`d want to give all the UNIT bods blue berets but just think how long it would take you to hand colour each frame – it wouldn`t be worth it, but if you had some sort of automated software that could track the image and do most of it for you, that would be different!

    • Thanks yminoh – there are a couple of glitches that slipped through the net that I need to correct before I upload it again. You won`t be disappointed, it`s good to finally see Tom in there and yes, he does make it to the Dark Tower!

  4. Hi there – I just discovered Whoflix. Very cool! Could you reupload “Spearhead,” “Silurians” and “Inferno,” please? I got “Ambassadors” and I’m definitely feeling like a season 7-a-thon! Thanks!

    • Hi Sarah – glad you`re enjoying the site. All three stories have been uploaded again. Hope you enjoy them.

      • I’ve got Spearhead and Silurians now – but for some reason, it’s not finding Inferno?

        Also, I’d like to request Invasion pt 2. And The Mind Robber, if you’ve got time.

      • Inferno is there Sarah, I just double checked it. I think you`ll really like that one!

        Thee other ones you asked for have all been uploaded again.

  5. What’s your plan for releasing episodes the green episodes? Do you grab one at random or do you have a specific schedule in mind? As you may remember I’m slowing moving through the classic series sequentially. I’m slowly finishing up the Daleks’ Master Plan. I plan to watch your edit first and then watch the full serial afterwards. I’d like to request that you move The Web Planet, The Gunfighters, and The War Machines up on the schedule so that with the exception of the Web Planet, I can watch them in sequence.

    • The way the Green Stories work is that I had a site poll a while back to see which ones people wanted to see first. That`s the order that I upload them in. We`re currently working our way through stories that got five votes each.

      That said I have interrupted this schedule before myself for things I particularly wanted people to see so I have no real objections. However I can see that it might be a bit objectionable to put off something five people want to see for the sake of one person who wants to see something else. However, I have come up with a solution that I think will suit everybody!

      In admiration of your Chutzpah, coupled with the fact that you`ve been good enough to post a review of every Fan Edit you`ve watched so far [something I hope you will continue to do], the next three Wednesdays will be William Hartnell Wednesdays and I will upload the stories you asked for then.

      This will be in addition to the normal Fan Edit Fridays, which will continue in accordance with the poll results.

      • Huzzah! Since I’ve seen the Web Planet, I’ll watch and review it straight away. Though, I can’t promise that I’ll re-watch the original to compare it properly. That is a labor even Hercules would pass on.

  6. Hi! I’ve recently discovered you’re site and so far have enjoyed what I’ve seen! I’m really looking forward to watching more! With that in mind, I have two requests.

    1) There seems to be a problem with The Mind Robber. For some reason it just stops at the 8:40 mark. I’ve downloaded it twice and it happened with both copies. Could you check yours and make sure it’s ok? And, if it is, could you please re-upload it?

    2) An Unearthly Child. I was thinking of editing this myself and would love to see what you’ve done with it. Any chance you could upload this one?


    • Damn! You`re right about the Mind Robber. It just stops at 8.40. I `m really sorry about that. Like a Data Wrangler, I check the first few minutes to make sure the file has exported okay as I don`t have time to watch it all again. Not only that, by the time I`ve exported the AVI, the last thing I want to do is watch it all again!

      The first thing I did was to load the file into MovieplusX3, my editing software, and it came up as corrupted. So in future that`s how I`ll check the export has gone okay. Live and learn!

      As a precaution I loaded every other Fan Edit and all the files played fine in the editing software, thank God!

      On the downside I`m going to have to redo The Mind Robber again from scratch. Bugger!

      An Unearthly Child is uploading as I`m typing this. It`s three years old now but has proved to be our most popular edit to date with over 250+ downloads. When the title goes purple on the List Page, it`s available to download.

      Sorry about The Mind Robber but really glad you told me about it – new Quality Control procedures are in place as a result! All being well I reckon I should be able to knock it out again by this time next week.

  7. Just watched your Silver Nemesis fanedit. It was absolutely amazing.
    Not for a single moment did I feel like missing something which just shows how well you did this fanedit and how stretched the original episodes were.
    What I liked most in your edit was Lady Paintfort´s new ending. The story gained much by your change there.
    As Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker are the Doctors I grew up with, I plan to watch the three available Baker fanedits next: Mysterious Planet, Mindwarp and Teror Of The Vervoids.
    I´m particularly intrigued by what you did to the awful Twin Dilemma and Timelash.
    Any chance you could re-upload these Baker edits including Revelation of the Daleks and the now 2nd-Doctor edit The Dastari Experiment?

    • Hi perioso, thanks for the kind comments!

      Glad you like Lady P`s new demise. It just came to me in a moment of inspiration as I thought the original made no sense.

      The Trial edits are all currently available and I will start uploading the others for you later today – watch out for them going purple on the List!

      Twin Dilemma is my second most popular edit [after An Unearthly Child] with nearly 250 downloads in total, with 60+ for the current superior mk2 version. Quite why this Edit continues to be so popular mystifies me. Maybe it`s because it was a rubbish first story for the new Doctor and people really wanted it to be a good one. It`s a vast improvement on the original which makes Colin`s Doctor much more stable and likeable as a result.

      Timelash is, I think, the story that is the most improved of any that I`ve done so far. It`s just so much better now for being a lot shorter. And speaking of shorter, Revelation of the Daleks runs just over half an hour! The reason for that is that the Doctor plays no part in the plot whatsoever and everything would still have happened as it did without him being there!

      Dastari Experiment was one of the earliest edit ideas I ever had. What if it was a Pat story guest starring Colin instead of a Colin story guest starring Pat? The answer is – a damn sight better than the original!

  8. Hi, I’ve just seen your versions of Spearhead from Space (The Auton Invasion) and The Two Doctors (The Dastari Experiment) and think they’re great! Could you please upload The Chase again, as I’d love to see it. Thanks.

    • Hi Sontar6 – glad you liked them, they`re two of my favourites. It`s always nice to be able to do something a little bit different, a bit more creative, with the source material than just a straightforward cut down version. And even nicer to know that people other than me appreciate them!

      I`ll upload The Chase for you later today; when the listing goes purple, it`s available for download. I think you`ll like this one too, it moves along at a fair old lick, removes all the padding and er, cuts to the chase as it were!

      • Thanks, that’s great. I’ll download it soon. I’ve just downloaded Terror of the Vervoids so I’m going to watch that first. I tried editing it myself once with a video recorder but it didn’t really work. Doubtless yours will be brilliant as ever!

      • Of course it will, ha ha!

        The idea behind the edit of Vervoids and the other Trial stories was to take out all those tedious trial scenes and see what the stories would have been like without them. And, surprise surprise, they are actually better.

        My very first edit, years ago, was The Five Doctors, done with two linked VCR`s, a lot of patience and a good sense of timing when hitting play on one and record on the other – thank God for the PC!

  9. Hey, I wasn’t sure where to put this, but I was wondering if you could look at a Fan Edit I recently did of the Ribos Operation. It’s an .mp4 file, and I could put it up on RapidShare for you to see, if you’d like. It’s about one hour long.

  10. Hi, any chance you could upload The Dalek Invasion of Earth again? It’s one of my favourites. I really like the ones that are the length of a new series episode. Thanks.

    • No problem DW50 – will try and get it up for you later today… just finishing off another Dalek story at the moment.

  11. So I found these edited videos of the first four adventure games on youtube in 720p. I thought you might like me to share them with you. They make for fun little episodes.

    For some reason they kept all of the gameplay footage in. I’m not sure why they felt the need to show the doctor walk everywhere but they did. If you decide to clean them up, I’m sure I can find you the isolated music tracks. Regardless I hope you enjoy them.

  12. Hello mate. If there’s any chance you can upload Destiny Of The Daleks again, it would be much appreciated! Cheers.

  13. Also, if you have the time, I would also like to see Tomb of the Cybermen and The Dastari Experiment, as Tomb is my favourite story ever and I am in the process of using screen grabs from the episode and making a comic book out of it, similar to your Three Doctors Comic, exempt I won’t need to add anybody in to the pictures. And I would love to see your version of the Two Doctors, so if you have the time to upload it, would be great also. 🙂

  14. hi, do you know what software for ripping dvd audio and seperating the channels,
    such as stargate dvd`s in 5.1 the rear speakers are music only. i haven`t found any ripping software that can just pull the rear channels to mp3.
    with thanks kevin.

    • DGIndex should do the trick. I think. That`s the one I use to rip the Isolated Soundtrack. I can also get the Commentary Track so it should give you the 5.1 too…

    • Never had to pull the 5.1 for any of my projects so don`t know if they`re split over different tracks or not – when you open up the audio box you can select from 8 of them.

  15. Hello again. Here are my two requests (for now, at least) and hopefully, you won’t find them too unimaginative. Having envoyed your edits of the first Billy Hartnell story, I’d love to see how you’ve condensed “the Daleks” – it’s a story I love (in principle) but can never seem to find the time to sit through the whole damn thing as originally broadcast! So, that’s request number one.

    Request two is for the War Games. I have also just watched the Spearhead edit, and feel like backtracking to Pat Troughton’s swansong without having to plough through nine padded episodes to get to the meat and gravy. To be honest, I thought it dragged when I first watched it in 1969, so it really drags now. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to seeing them, if you would be so kind.

  16. Thanks for reupping these. I’ll try and get them today and will be back at some point with my comments, after I’ve checked them out.

    • Not a problem, Ritchie. Hope you enjoy them, they’re both very different from the originals. Any others you want to see, just request them in the same way

  17. Thanks – I have a small “shopping list” so no doubt will be back Oliver style, asking, “please, sir, can I have some more?”

  18. Tried to download your latest “Frontier In Space” but it says your public traffic exhausted..thought i should let you know!

    • I could I suppose, it depends on what format you’re thinking of… the only reason I use DivX is that it keeps the file size down.

  19. I usually watch your edits on my iPad when I get a break at work or on my appleTV at home. Either, I have to convert them to mp4. Maybe we can have a poll? but no pressure or anything.

  20. Hi!

    Just wanted to say thanks for making all your incredible edits available.

    For some of your edits download is not possible.

    Rapidshare only presents the strange message “This file can’t be downloaded, because it is in the thrash can of the owner.” for Ambassadors Of Death, City Of Death, Meglos, Shada (Baker), Earthshock and The Twin Dilemma.

    The link for Timelash is identical to the one of “The Twin Dilemma”.

    Keep up the good work. I´m looking forward to your Time And The Rani edit.

    • Well I suppose something was bound to go wrong with uploading so many files so quickly, thanks for pointing it out.

      I`ve no idea how those files ended up in my Trash folder but I’ve moved them out of there now so everything should be okay. Any problems let me know.

      Time And The Rani is now available – I hope you like it!

      • Thanks for the quick fix. Unfortunately Rapidshare now gives the error message “Download permission denied by uploader” for everyone of the mentioned fanedits including your two new ones.

  21. hi, I’ve just been looking through whopix & saw your first doctor releases picture
    and I thought it was really cool that you actually used an image that i composed. before the gunfighters was released in region 2 or 4, i took the artwork from the region 1 cover and put it in the template of a region 2. You can tell the difference between mine and the real release because the man at the front of the picture has his feet coming out of the artwork and behind the writing at the bottom. you might see that i put my wiki username (KieranH) in the top right hand corner of the image. don’t now why, but the person who uploaded it is credited as somebody else :/ ?

    • Hi Kiwi – do you know, I would never have noticed that if you hadn’t pointed it out, they look identical. A real case of “spot the difference”! IIRC I just Googled for the cover and grabbed it, thinking it was the official one. If you like I will change it for the proper one. Well done for spotting it in such a small image!

  22. How about giving a go at Kinda and/or Snakedance. Now to me they are two of the best stories ever and the script and flow for Snakedance is superb. Possibly never better in the series entire history but since the point is to do cut-down fan edits I’d like to see them.

    • I’ve been thinking about those too, Ryan. Kinda is pretty obv – less Adric & CGI snake. Snakedance, I’m not so sure, but I’m sure there’s some padding in there somewhere. Pity I can’t CG out Martin Clunes’ ridiculous costume at the end!

  23. Thanks for the shout out. Honestly I was a bit shocked really.

    I have to say that I really did it for the excellent Web Planet FE which is pretty awesome. Working my way through the others and the 60’s productions with extra music are quite excellent.

    I seem to be one of the minority that actually like the complete story but it is a bit of a chore. There are only 2 stories of 26 seasons that I actually find dull in the extreme. The Dominators and Monster of Peladon. Other than that I’m good and rate many stories in all eras as excellent. Think all the original Doctors are great but to choose it’d be 5, 4 and 7 in the top 3.

  24. I’ve been planning a weekly “get to know the classic Doctors” marathon and found myself wishing something like this existed. One Google search later and here I am. Thank you so much for the service you offer. I only got one episode before the download cap hit though. Don’t have any money to chip in right now, but I’d be glad to help you get some of these up in the form of bit torrents if you’d like. Also, have you ever considered doing a “best-of” list that takes your edits into account?


  25. No matter which program I use to rip, any of the ones you mention or any others it never works right the audio is always out of sync with the image and unfixable. 😦

  26. IS it possible to upload yur edits elsewhere? Every time I try to download an edit from rapidshare it says dailly traffic exhausted 😦

    • Not really, I like Rapidshare. I’m already paying for hosting costs and I ain’t paying even more money for increased bandwidth. The increase in traffic is probably only due to “the Five Doctors” anyway, so it should settle back down soon.

      Keep trying – that’s the price of being popular I suppose…

  27. Having just discovered your work I downloaded one of my favorites, Spearhead and watched it today. I thought it was very nicely done and a hugely enjoyable viewing. It’s great to have these old classics transformed into a modern format increasing the pace and making them more easily consumed. As for requests as a huge Pertwee and T. Baker fan there are some real classics outstanding such as Axos, Daemons, Sea Devils, Green Death, Ark, Pyramids and Mandragora but, hey get to them whenever you can just keep ’em coming.

    • Thanks very much for the encouragement, believe me it really does make a difference when people take the time and effort to get in touch and say how much they are enjoying my work! And you’ll be pleased to know that most of those are already on my To Do List!


    A very nice edit overall but look out, here come my quibbles! Maybe a little too short for such a mammoth story. For example I don’t think it was very clear how the Doctor knew what to sketch for the farmer’s wife in the hospital. Also the incidental music was often slightly too loud masking the dialogue. I thought the climax was very nicely put together, pacy and exciting but for me it lacked some narrative early on.

  29. Hello,
    It’s probably me but I can’t find anywhere on your site to access the info on the individual stories that you’ve edited. I have to find them through google. Am I missing something?

    Yours confusedly


    • the latest edit is “Dr Who And The Daleks” which is on the front page. If you scroll past that and go to “older entries” eventually you’ll find them all. Or you can click on the tag cloud on the right to get all the ones for each Doctor, all the Dalek ones etc

  30. will you ever edit a fan project like babelcolour’s the ten doctors or Auton710’s eleven doctors

    • Rotoscoping and mashups aren’t really my thing and Babelcolour is a genius so the short answer is no. I haven’t really thought about doing a multi-Doctor mashup story to be honest, or any kind of mashup for that matter. I’ll stick to Fan Edits I think!

  31. Hello, good Sir!
    Would it be possible for you to make Tenth Planet and Ice Warriors available for me to download. It would be much appreciated. Also what are you working on for your next release. Excited to know.


    • Currently got several edits on the go, including Ice Warriors and the second Dalek Movie. But University is taking up a lot of my time – this is my Honours Year so, as I’m sure you’l understand, things are on hold pretty much so I can concentrate on that. Come the beginning on May, with Uni work all done, then I will have free time to work on finishing more edits.

      Tenth Planet isn’t really on the production slate at the moment but I will get round to it eventually. Thanks for showing such an interest but for those two you’ll have to be patient a while longer!

  32. I would love to see you edit The Mind Of Evil, Its one of my fave it 3rd doctor storys. I owned it in black and white and then a mate brought me the new updated colour version for my 21st.

    Ive watched alot of your edits and I even got a few of my friends into Classic Doctor Who by showing them your edits. I am amazed at what you do and to such a high end product.

    Please keep doing this edits, Coz I really do enjoy them.

    PS I was wondering if ur going to re uploaded Scream Of The Shalka?

  33. Hi all, wonder if you can help, not the greatest techy, but i’ve subscribed yesterday to the Rapidshare site, paid my $49.99, downloaded a couple of stories, then I get to the one i really cant wait to see The War Machines and it keeps saying traffic limit error and showing me an aeroplane? Thinking i kustr have reached some sort of limit, i tries other stories afterwards to be sure and they download fine, so why not War Machines? So looking forward to this one, can anyone help??

    • Hi Jamie – I just checked the download for The War Machines and it worked fine for me so there shouldn’t be a problem. It sounds like you’ve tried downloading at just the wrong time. There’s a limit to how much traffic is allowed per day as I no longer pay for the hosting of the files – there’s no way I’m paying $50 a month when I used to pay $10 – and that’s what restricts the downloads.

      And you do know you don’t have to “subscribe” to Rapidshare to download the files? The files are free, the $50 they want from you is for the storage and cost of hosting your own…

      • I’m getting the same problem as Jamie whenever I try to download “Genesis of the Daleks” (Although I don’t have a paid Rapidshare account – bugger that). I don’t think Rapidshare is doing you any favours.

      • Hi Zack – that’s because I don’t pay for the hosting on Rapidshare any more. Too expensive at nearly fifty fekking euros a month. I’ll move Genesis over to Oboom later today, you should be able to get it from there no problem as we are well within our free storage limit.

  34. Thanks for that, think i realised after i’d done it that i didnt need to pay! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Its been traffic limit error for a few days now whenever i try? Is there a trick to a time when it might be freed up? Sorry dont know much about these things, but is there a good time to try and download, it only seems to be war machines it affects too! Sods law!

    • I tried downloading TWM again and it worked fine but since you seem to be having problems I’ve moved the link over to Oboom so you should be able to download it okay now as we are nowhere near the storage limit on that site.

  35. Hey i’m posting to say i’m enjoying your work having viewed the Five Doctors, TV Movie and E.O.T edits i’m going to watch Arc after posting this.

    But i’ll set you a request/task that i wonder if you can pull off?

    Trial of a Time Lord

    Ive only watched part 1 and the final part of ultimate foe, so i wonder if you could tidy it up but help it find its potential which i think is in there if you mix up some of the episodes and cut out a lot of the baggage.

    but also would be intrigued if you can end it better than “Carrot Juice!?” perhaps a lead into the regeneration.

    thats my request i’d imagine it would take a huge effort on your behalf and take some time but i’d like to see it

  36. Hi there Whopix, I’ve watched three of your edits in a row now and I have to say you are the man. I recently toggled a bit with Time of the Doctor, such as removing Matt Smith’s final farewell speech and final exchange with Amy, and had him just regenerate at the bell tower and have Clara meet Twelve more immediatly in the TARDIS after we see him come up the steps. Have you had similar ideas for that episode and will you be tackling it in the future?

    • Thanks David, it’s always encouraging to hear that people like my work. Which three were they? It’s always interesting to hear people’s – positive! – thoughts.
      I’ve been quietly working away on a few things during transmission and yes, Time of the Doctor was one of them. As for how I tackled it, well, here’s a exclusive heads up – it’ll be our first upload after Series Eight is over, so not long to wait. All will be revealed in the production notes but for the moment, all I will say is that I didn’t have him regen in the belltower but that’s an interesting take on it and I can see how it could work. That’s the liberating thing about fan editing, there’s no such thing as a “wrong” edit if it works for you!

  37. The three edits I grabbed yesterday were Claws of Axos, Logopolis, and Deep Breath, I’m just watching Logopolis now and I love how it starts knee-deep in conversation with Tom and Adric, man the battle stations! ABSOLUTELY

  38. Just letting you know I’ve gotten more and more inspired by your editing, I loved “Spere of Skagra”, that was probably the best thing anyone can hope to do with all the cutting room cream left by the troubled Shada production, I was expecting a cliffhanger ending as we approached the final minutes wondering how you’d pull off a climax, rofl. Anyway, I’ve just polished off at least three edits, “Angels Take Manhattan”, “Bells of St. John” and “Name of the Doctor”, with the intent to re-do “Time of the Doctor” and then commence a shorter version of “Listen”. If you’re interested in seeing any of them, please reply and I’ll leave the links

  39. Hi
    I was wondering if, you have any interest or planned on doing fan edits, of the cut scenes from the Dr Who adventure games. Such as City of the Daleks / Blood of the Cybermen etc?

    • Hadn’t really thought about it to be honest, David. I enjoyed the games and did some walkthroughs for them when they came out but not too sure that there’s that much you could edit from the non-game footage. I’d have to look at them again but for the moment I’m concentrating on finishing off the Classic Series, which should be completed – on video anyway – in 2015. After that, who knows!

  40. Couldn’t help but notice the classic early Tom Baker stories you still have to tackle. Be honest, are you saving your favourites ’til last?

    • haha! Not really no, it’s just that those stories require fewer cuts than many others. I’ve never worked my way through these edits in any particular order, just whichever ones I fancy tackling at any given time. But it makes sense to leave the edits that are easiest to do to the end. For example, I think most folks would agree that “Battlefield” needs a lot more work than “Pyramids of Mars”. So do the harder ones first, then you can have a nice easy run for the finish line!

      There are only about two dozen video edits left to do and everything in the Classic Series that exists will be done, particularly once “Underwater Menace” finally comes out on DVD. After that it’ll be a case of doing the rest of the missing stories as audio edits.

  41. Genesis of the Daleks seems to be broken, at least the download button leads to nothing more than the image of the button itself? Any way this could be repaired? 🙂 Also do you have any plans to switch to a different upload site than oboom? Takes ages to download anything without paying!

    • whoops! Fixed it.
      The edits are split roughly half and half between Oboom and Mega, using the free accounts both offer. With well over 100 edits available for the Classic Series alone, I can’t justify the cost of paying for all that hosting. Feel free to either make a donation or continue to be patient!

      • I’d be only too happy to make a donation once I get my paypal set up again, but in the meantime I suppose i can be patient 😛 Thank you for all your hard work, these edits are proving invaluable in introducing my friends who are fans of New Who to the Classic series!

  42. I can’t seem to download part 4 of Dastari. The button doesn’t seem to be linked. Tried to guess the URL but there’s obviously a random bit in there somewhere. Can you please fix it? Thanks.

    • Yes, but I can’t say when. I just work on whatever edit I feel like doing at the time, never in any kind of order or with any sort of plan in mind. And with only 23 to go, you won’t have to wait long until the whole project is complete!

  43. Outside the Who universe are you a fan of one of one of my favourite films Night Of Demon (1957)? If so I’ve always wondered how effective it would be with the titular Demon edited out. I think it would make for a subtler, classier movie with more being left to the imagination and also casting doubt as to whether there is in fact a demon at all. Anyway I just thought I’d mention it in case your editing fingers get a bit twitchy once the Who stuff is finished. On that point the Hammer films could benefit from some tightening up on occasion too.

    • No plans to work on anything other than Who at the mo, abs007, although I did rescore the Tank Chase sequence from Goldeneye a fee years back to put more of the James Bond Theme in it than was there originally, one of the few gripes I had with that film. You can always look at Fan Edit dot org, maybe someone there has tackled “Night of the Demon”. Better still, why not have a go yourself!

  44. I’ve tried everywhere but have only found mention of it on a forum where somebody said they’d seen a fan edit in the 90’s but I can’t trace anything. I fear I don’t have the skill or patience to do it myself, but are you really saying that once the Who stuff is complete you’ll retire?

    • Retire? With all those New Series edits still to do? I don’t think so!
      I may well turn my hand to other things when the Classic Series is done but for the moment there are no plans to tackle any non-Who stuff, though who knows, that may well change.

  45. Hi, Just discovered your edits. Looking forward to watching them now! But got 4 broken links:
    The Last Sontaran, The Sontaran Stratagem, State of Decay and Mind of Evil

    • All hosted on Oboom, which seems to have gone the way of Megaupload – down the tubes!

      Bit busy at the moment, but I’ll start moving them over to Mega in the next couple of days, so please be patient. Will aim to get the first of them up by Wednesday, and should all be done by the weekend…

      • All done and online now.
        Hope you enjoy them, and if you like `em, feel free to let me know!

  46. Thanks – quick work! Enough material to keep me busy for a few weeks… Now the only questions are which order to watch in, and whether to watch the originals before or after… BTW also been enjoying reading your accompanying blog – just wince now and then when you use “it’s” instead of “its”, grammar pedant that I am…

    • Thats what happens when you think quicker than you can type!
      Send me a list…! 😉

      Enjoy the edits, if it were me I’d watch the originals after, that way you can see what difference the quicker pace makes, something I’d be delighted to know. Watching the originals first only serves to make you aware of what’s been cut, I think.

      But then its all subjective innnit…

  47. So I don’t think Oboom is really working anymore just letting you know as I tried to download The Evil of the Daleks which it won’t let me download

    • yeah, Oboom has been down for a while now. I’m in the process of moving things over to Mega but only when peeps request them. I’ll add Evil to the To Do List!

  48. Hello, I wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into your edits. I enjoy them immensely. I have been watching for a few months to make my way through Pertwee’s tenure as the doctor. Today after downloading the first half of green death, a message came up on Oboom informing me that I have reached my download limit, but it was pretty vague on the specifics. I was curious if you knew what this limit was and how often it resets.

    • They’re a labour of love TBH, glad you’re enjoying them. Plenty more New Series edits to go!

      As for Oboom, I’m intrigued that you’re able to download anything at all. Every time I try to go there the entire thing is “webpage not available“. As for download limits, I have no idea – I’m amazed that you can get anything at all!

  49. That’s pretty curious. I had read about the trouble others were having with Oboom, but since it never really affected my viewing, I thought it might be a regional issue. If you could suggest some edits that are hosted on Mega, I would be very grateful. .

    • There are loads on Mega, am in the process of moving as many across as the free account will allow. keep clicking until you find one!

  50. Hello,

    I have been working steadily through your edits (big fan, as much I enjoy classic who, 6 parters can be a bit much for one evening), and while mega is fine,

    oboom is now taking 3 hours to download 1 edit. It has gone from the same level of ease as mega to being one of those “premium ULTRA FAST” or “Free lol good luck getting it today” sites.

    I think I can imagine it would take a long time indeed to move all your edits across to mega, and I am not sure whether it is a regional thing for Oboom or not, but it is a royal shame, preventing me from enjoying some of your edits.

    Again, great stuff 🙂

    • Yeah, Oboom seem to have gone tits up, so steadily migrating everything, or as much as I can, to Mega [which is quite ironic as MegaUpload was where I started out].
      It’ll take a few days to move things across but I think the wait will be worth it. Did a dozen or so over the weekend. I’ll move as many edits as the free account will allow, once it’s full up I’ll delete one to upload another. If there are any edits in particular that you want let me know.

      • While you move edits over can you make a note on each page so we know which ones are transferred over? Also could you add options to see the Helium Edits because I saw the Time and the Rani one and wished to see the others.

      • Sorry, but no to both of those.
        1] that’s an unreasonable request given the sheer amount of time it would take. Again if there are any you really want to see let me know.
        2] nobody wanted to see them so I deleted them. In any case, all you have to do is increase the play speed to 1.5 times as fast and you can have a helium edit of any story you like!

  51. Hi there, am enjoying your site. May I ask where you get Lee Johnson artwork of a resolution good enough to be used in custom covers. Am very much wishing to design my own within a 1:1 ratio but the only images I can find are lo-res on his FB page.

  52. Big fan of what you do here, so I made a Mega account and uploaded some of your edits so you can use these links if these are any of the ones you’ve taken down to make room. I feel bad asking for anything truly classic to be taken down in lieu of Trial of a Timelord, even if your edits make Season 23 look pretty damn good.

    • That’s very kind of you.
      Of the ones you sent me links for, the majority were already on Mega, apart from a few.

  53. Hello. I was wondering if the Dastari Experiment was on Mega. I was able to get the first part and thought it was great. Something I had always wanted to do myself. I would love to see the other three parts.

    • It’s not no. We’re pretty much up to the limit on Mega but I’ll try and squeeze it in over the weekend for you

    • Done.
      I’ve set up a second Mega account for the rest of the files, so will upload all the “missing” ones there. Thanks for offering to help, much appreciated.

    • Without saying which ones, there are some New Series edits I’ve been tackling and yes, they are two parters. They seem the obvious ones to tackle first. Only problem is that University is taking up most of my free time just now. Once that changes, in the next month or so, uploads will resume…

  54. Please Please Please do an edit of The Ark in Space with the Star Trek original series episode Space Seed. They both feature some type of hyper sleep and are both quite similar on the inside however the “Botany Bay” in the star trek episode looks quite different to the Ark itself so you would have to only use one of the exteriors. I think it would be a nice Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover. Just curious, you like Star Trek?

  55. Loving the work. Can I ask a question about Serif Movie Plus X6 ? Can the timeline display be adjusted to show individual frames? (This used to be a feature of Adobe Premier but has been lost on Premier Pro and I need a programme that does this). Would like to know before I invest…

    • I’m still poor enough to be using Movieplus X3, so I can’t comment. X3 certainly lets you zoom the timeline so you can advance a frame at a time if that’s what you mean.

  56. Yes, that’s what I mean. So that the pictures you see on the timeline are the individual frames (usually 24 per second) and you can see exactly which frame a shot changes on… for example.

    • In that case, yes it does. When you zoom right down you can see the frames where Shot A ends and Shot B begins. Every single one of the Fan Edits on Whoflix has been edited on Movieplus.

  57. Thanks so much for the response – great news for me. Very helpful. All the best to you and your editing prowess.

  58. “The Enemy Within” has a link on the main Fan Edits list but the page that it takes me to just says ‘OOPS! THAT PAGE CAN’T BE FOUND.’ Any possibility you can find it? Thanks!

  59. I want to ask if you remember the proper title credits from 1960s dr who like the the ones that you have compiled on here, todays dvd and videotapes that the bbc have released have only a black background with credits at the end of the stories, like the credits have been computer generated?

    • Not quite sure what you’re on about david, but the end credits in all the Hartnell and Troughton fan edits are my own creation. The original BBC transmitted episodes they are edited from all ran their credits against black. I wanted to have a some consistency with the end credits for Pertwee onwards and B&W is a bit dull, so I came up with a loop to run the credits against that I liked a lot better!

  60. It doesn’t let me download your fan edit of AUC. If I click on Download it just shows me a picture of the download button..
    Also if it’s not too much of a hassle could you provide English subtitles for the classic episodes? I’m from Germany and can understand English fairly well but there are some moments when I can’t understand what a character is saying..
    Thanks for your great work though. I really appreciate it 🙂

  61. Do you happen to have version of any of the audio edits that have since been deleted, for example, The Power of the Daleks? I would really appreciate it if perhaps I could download all the audio edits out there, if they still exist.

    I think I’ve downloaded all the edits that are here on the site..I would really like the old ones done before the new video versions. I am simply a huge audio collector and really have enjoyed some of the audio edits on this site.

    Are there any other audio books, by the way, that are no longer up on the site? Like “The State of Decay”, which is really well done!

    • Thanks for getting in touch Aaron. Sorry but the answer is no to both questions I’m afraid. Once the animation of Power was announced I deleted the original audio file from my hard drive as I’d rather watch the animation, for all its flaws, than listen to the audio.

      There aren’t any other “unavailable” audiobook edits. The only other one I did was The Macra Terror with the Colin Baker narration, but that was so bad compared to the much better Anneke Wills version that I deleted that as well!

      The audiobook edits are funny things to do. I simply wondered what State of Decay would sound like with the TV Soundtrack replacing the prose version of itself. It worked so well that I then went on to do Planet of the Daleks for the same reason, and also because the Pertwee narration was so rare. But if a story exists on video, I generally don’t have much interest in doing a soundtrack version as I’d rather watch than listen. That said, if enough people were interested in them I might do more audio edits… but I certainly wouldn’t be interested in doing every single story all over again!

      Having said that, there is one Classic Series story in particular that I really DO want to do as a Soundtrack+Novelisation edit but you’ll have to wait and “see” which one it is!

      As far as Power itself is concerned, thanks to the generosity of a fellow fan, I’ve got the Tom Baker narrated version [as well as Evil too], and before you ask, yes I did have a bash at putting the narration with the soundtrack from the animation but that turned out to be a hell of a lot of work to get the two to match up, never mind tha fact that the casette version of the soundtrack is bloody awful quality by comparison. I might try it again one day, but don’t hold your breath!

  62. Hello there!

    I am a Mac user and am currently unable to view/listen to the shows due to the DivX format. Is there another format out there or is DivX the only option? I’m not big on downloading and installing large amounts of software to get a specific, and somewhat obscure, file format.

    I’d also like to ask a question in a less public setting, if you’d be interested in emailing a bit.

    • I did a poll ages ago on the site as to which format people wanted the files in and almost all the respondents were happy with DivX, so if you want to see them you have no option but to convert. I’m also no fan of the Electronic Empire of Evil that is Apple.

      If you want to ask a question, ask away. All comments are moderated to keep out the trolls so send it here and I’ll get back to you!

  63. I’d love to contact and email you! I really want to learn more about your process and how this works. I kept imagining to myself that this needed to exist for all the old stuff.

    • If you are interested in fan editing, then, in the immortal words of JNT, stay tuned! I may well have something for you in the next few months…!

      One of the reasons I started Whoflix was the notion of trying to bring the Classic Series in line with the New in terms of pace and duration. If fans who came to the show via the 2005 revival are put off the CS by dint of it’s slower storytelling pace, then telling those stories without the padding necessitated by the production process of the time can help overcome that reluctance. If a NuWho fan is more likely to watch a cut down compilation of, say, The Web Planet, than ploughing through all six original eps, then that’s a good thing in my book. And as I’ve pointed out before, the BBC themselves did the very same thing on occasion back in the day.

  64. I watched the Fan Edit ‘Extremis’ last night.When I watched the original three episodes I felt confused as the plot became very vague and wandered about.
    Your Fan Edit is wonderful; the plot flows throughout and I particularly liked the way you broke up the ‘execution’ of Missy into flashbacks that truly became part of the general story .
    Thank you for a job very well done


  65. Really, really enjoyed your last 3 edits. I found them delightful, clever and fun to watch.
    I imagine it takes a lot of time and effort. I really appreciate it.


  66. Hello , just checking all the links for working? Enjoyed your work for about a year now but recently I cant anything to download, it just stays at ‘0%’ and never gets going, it could be a issue my end but thought would ask as Im all up to date software wise and a member of the Mega site where the links lead to. Any info you can shed on this for me? Thanks and looking forward to the new edits, when I see them haha

    • I think it’s an issue your end. I tried a few at random and they seem to be working okay.
      If you can give me the specific edits you were looking for I’ll check them for you.

  67. I just wanted to say I adore your fan edits and have for the past few years now, but I wanted to ask… while I know you aren’t in favor of the new Doctor [which is completely understandable] are you planning to take down your site with the edits?

    I’m only asking because I’ve seen a few people take down sites with reviews that I have enjoyed and really hope you don’t.I also thank you for not being afraid to say you are not into political correctness even if we may not agree politically.

  68. I first noticed it with the Extremis edit. I was going to have a rewatch Claws of Axos too.

    From some of your comments I think we could have quite different political outlooks but we are a broad church arent we, and you really do great edits. I would be inspired if I had a first clue about how to actually realise the ideas lol

  69. Hi. Should I be downloading these edits using a proxy-server provider like HIDE MY ASS to circumvent UK Law now?

  70. Hi,

    Good work on the Big Finish style cover art you’ve been doing. I’m looking to do some of my own and I am really struggling to find clean side bar images to overlay the main image. I wondered if you would be happy to email me the ones you use?

    Thanks very much.


  71. Hi,

    Your link to Hell Bent doesn’t seem to be working anymore..Could you reupload it please?

    also, thank you for your amazing fanedits!

      • Maybe it works for me because I’m the one who uploaded the file… Looks like I’ll have to create yet another Mega account and ditch MediaFire.

        Sorry about this, leave it with me and I’ll move the file to Mega as soon as possible. I’ll update this reply when it’s done

  72. Hello, can I make subtitles for my language from some of your edits?
    The access to the classic series in my country is not very big because it is not commercialized here.
    Of course, you and your site will be 100% credited in my publications.

    • Let’s imagine for a moment that I said no. How could I stop you from going ahead and doing it anyway? Answer is, I couldn’t.
      But it’s nice of you to ask first and I appreciate it. What country are we talking about? What language?

  73. Hey, all! I recently discovered Whoflix, and have been greatly appreciating all of your hard work. I did, however, run into a problem downloading Part 1 of the 2nd Doctor adventure, The Invasion. When I attempt to download, it simply says, “Temporary error, retrying.”

  74. Hey, is there a reason why your brain of morbius is listed as the episode after pyramids of mars instead of the android invasion? Its supposed to be android then morbius isn’t it? Or are did you fanedit them to be in that order?


    • Yes there is a reason and it’s all to do with putting the stories in the “correct” running order.
      In Pyramids, the Doctor and Sarah are en route for UNIT HQ. In Morbius, the Doctor says the Time Lords have dragged them off course. Off course to where? UNIT HQ. So to me, it makes sense to have Morbius come after Pyramids instead of Android Invasion. If you order them that way then the Doctor and Sarah are on Earth for Seeds of Doom.
      Yes the stories were transmitted the way they were for reasons of contrast, but to my mind they are in the wrong order for continuity reasons. Much like the two instances of McCoy stories that were clearly shown in the wrong order, again for reasons of contrast.
      In terms of fan brain thinking, it’s not always the case that the order the stories are transmitted are the order in which they happen. For instance, if you put Nightmare of Eden after Shada, instead of before it, and he’s wearing the same dark coat in both, that helps explain the Doctor’s complete change of outfit in The Leisure Hive…

  75. Do you think you would ever do The Stole Earth/Journeys End as a Torchwood episode? Editing in the proper intro, cutting out some of the bits of the Doctor or Sarah Jane. Just an idea…

    • I hadn’t thought about it at all TBH. I’m not sure it would work.
      If you were to concentrate only on the plotlines involving T’wood and Jack, would the story still make sense?
      I cut everything I felt we didn’t need in my existing version, so you’d probs just be swapping the DW title sequence for the T’wood one.

  76. Okay, I have a request. I love Doctor Who on audio. You made the Talons of Weng-Chiang into a great audio edit of Jago and Lightfoot.
    And there happen to be two episodes that really need to be on audio.

    My first request is you make an audio soundtrack version using Paul McGann’s narration of the TV movie. Even though the McGann audio book is quite good, it is missing the voices of Grace and The Master. Night of the Doctor pretty much firmly canonized the audio series of the 8th Doctor. Paul McGann rules! My favorite doctor by far!

    Also, I love the Kaldor City audios a great deal, and was wondering if you might be willing to create yet another soundtrack for audio fans of the Robots of Death. I really don’t like audio books that much. I prefer narrated soundtracks, and wish BBC had kept making them instead of all those audio books.

    I really have enjoyed your fan audio edits. You made The Dalek’s Masterplan listenable and you did a GREAT job with An Unearthly Child! I wish you’d make a soundtrack someday of the seminal Dalek Invasion of Earth…

    Dude…if you could make these two series into audio narrated soundtracks, I would be forever grateful! They deserve to be on audio for us audio fans!


    • Well, what can I say…
      On the one hand I’m glad you like my work but on the other I really don’t want to have to fan edit every single Classic story all over again for audio as they are a hell of a lot of work. Unless someone was to commission me, that would be different!

      I can’t guarantee they’ll turn up any time soon but I will think about it.

      To quote Pat in The Three Doctors: “Well I’ll do my best but I’m not making any promises”!

  77. First, I must say I really admire your work, these edits are fantastic. Second, since Revenge of the Cybermen came out on the Season 12 Blu-Ray, will you update it with the new effects? And Third, Castrovalva is getting new effects for the Season 19 Blu-Ray, could we get a reedit of that?

  78. Made a fan edit of Night of the Doctor, inspired by your edits! I think it turned out pretty well!

    Search “Night of the Doctor Special Edition” on Dailymotion.

    • Nice regeneration, though the cranked camera effect just prior didn’t work in Die Another Day and doesn’t work here. Well, not for me anyway. I’d lose the whiplash effect and instead cut straight to the shot of McGann against the rock. I’d also not cut away to the whiteout quite so early, let us see more of Hurt’s face first. I’d also lose the out of focus shot and instead cut straight to Ohila. Of course you’ve used the same shot as Babelcolour from Crime And Punishment since it’s the only one any fan could use. But having Hurt in the wrong clothes just before he catches sight of his reflection, I would have gone to the trouble of masking that if I could. Overall, nice piece of work. Well done!

  79. Would you be willing to make an audio edit of The Robots of Death? (I love what you did for the TV movie.) This way, the whole Kaldor City saga will be on audio.

    I certainly don’t want you to make audio edits of all the classic episodes, but I’ve also always wanted to see what a Caves of Androzoni audio edit might be like. With the release of Peter Davison’s audiobook version recently, this wonderful best regeneration episode ever simply calls out to be edited into an narrated soundtrack.

    I know a lot of people who were nuts over your recent edits of Unearthly Child and the TV movie.

    I tried making my own narrated soundtrack using your version of Robots of Death and it just didn’t work. I really would like to learn to edit my own audio versions of Classic Who. I use NCH Suite to mix songs. It works well, but I still can’t figure out how to make the narration in the background!

    • #sighs# somehow I just knew you were going to ask that…

      I know a lot of people who were nuts over your recent edits of Unearthly Child and the TV movie.

      Really? Good nuts or bad nuts?

      • Good nuts, of course! And, I have had positive feedback!

        I know the audio edits are a LOT harder to make than the video edits. In my efforts to edit this myself, I realize that this story does not need a hell of a lot of narration. The audio book is WAY too long as it stands.

        PLEASE! For us, the Kaldor City/Blake’s 7 fans, this would be such a kind thing to do. There honestly isn’t another audio edit that I feel like “needs” to be made out there.

        Have you thought of doing a course in audio editing for freaks like myself? It really is much harder than it appears. By the way, if you want to use your voice instead of Louise Jameson, do so! PLEASE!

      • #sighs#. Leave it with me. But don’t expect it soon, my priority is editing the remaining Smiffy, Capaldi & Tennant episodes. And The Macra Terror when it comes out. I think I’ve thought of a way of doing it that would make it worth doing from my point of view. But know this, it’s at the back of the queue, at the very bottom of my To Do List.
        But give `em what they want, I say!

  80. Erm, the link for Part 3 of your Three Doctors Telecomic seems to be broke. The article and download are inaccessie as it leads to a “Page Not Found” error.

  81. 1. Seems the link for Part 3 of your Three Doctors Telecomic is broke (though going to part 4 and scrolling down to the related to Part Three 3 link works….)

    2. Are you going to be fan editing the recently announced Macra Terror animation when it releases?

    • 1. again, which page? which link? I checked the page for the CBR of part 3 and the link works fine…
      2. yes, of course!

  82. if you go to the Telecomics page on Whopix then click on Part 3 of the Tree Doctors it comes up as page not found (at least for me it does)

  83. Thank you so much, you mysterious creator of Who! I will make a donation to you, of course. I didn’t even notice that I could, or I would have for the TV movie. You are AWESOME! I’m sure your Robots of Death will rock!

    So, are you going to edit poor Jodie’s episodes at some time in the future?

  84. Did you give Series 11 a chance in the end or did you stick to your guns and avoid it like you said you would?

    • Haven’t watched any of them and don’t intend to. I have been unfortunate enough to unavoidably see a few small clips thanks to some of the Non-SJW YouTubers whose reviews I checked out and from what I’ve seen it looks as bloody awful as I thought it would be…
      What did you think yourself? And yes, you’re allowed to say you liked it!

  85. It’s bloody awful and the writing sucks. I hate it.

    They need to sack the whole writing staff, and put in some scary edgy stories and look into who the hell the 13th Doctor really is as a Time Lady. They have barely even gone over just how traumatic it would be to go from being a man to a woman!

    The show is going to be cancelled in the next 3 years, and that will be the end of Doctor Who on TV. I think the show is beyond hope at this point.

  86. It was… decent. Not awful but certainly not the best. I’d give it a 5/10 maximum.
    And S12 not starting until “Early 2020”? They’re taking the bloody piss!

  87. Okay, perhaps not “bloody awful” but certainly, yes, a 5 out of 10, and no new Who until 2020 is just crap.

    I hate feminism too, my friend. But, I don’t think Jodie Whitaker has done anything particularly wrong in her role thus far…she’s just kind of dull. The new episodes from Season 11 are far less full of hateful statements like in the “Husbands of River Song”!

    • Can’t speak for S11, haven’t watched it & ain’t going to, but as far as THORS is concerned I agree – that’s why I cut them out!

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