Evil of the Daleks Part 2

Whilst we’re all waiting for The Evil of the Daleks to be animated like The Power of the Daleks, the previous TV outing for Terry Nation’s pesky pepperpots, I though I may as well tackle the orphan episode two of the story as a busman’s holiday from my main fan edit endeavour at the moment, Shada. It was also a welcome distraction from the impending transmission of Twelvy’s final story, and my final story as a Doctor Who fan, but that’s a post for another time, after Twice Upon A Time has been and gone…

When it comes to this sole surviving ep of the final Sixties Dalek story, my approach was, as always with the orphans, to tackle it as if it were part of a video edit of the entire story. As such, there’s not a lot you can cut here. We’re halfway through the episode before the it stops being a coda to The Faceless Ones and starts being a story in it’s own right, with the Doctor and Jamie whisked back to 1866 for what must count as the Daleks’ most nuts plan since A Planet With A Bloody Big Engine In It three years earlier…

That means the only cuts you can really make are to Jamie’s kidnapping by Toby, which is all just padding anyway. Had the rest of the story existed I would have cut that plotline altogether and gone straight from Pat having Maxtible explain the plot to him, to him using some reverse psychology to get Jamie to rescue Victoria. And speaking of Victoria, she gets cut as well.

Her scene with the Dalek is simply more padding. So what if she’s not eating her rations, and how do the Daleks intend to force feed her anyway? In terms of the story, we don’t really need to meet her until Jamie does when he rescues her, so she gets dropped, albeit rather reluctantly. But the whole point of a fan edit is to do something different, so that’s what I did.

I also took the opportunity to fix Marius Goring’s infamous “Whitefield” fluff, replacing it with a “Waterfield” from elsewhere in the ep. And since neither Victoria, Toby nor Ruth Maxtible appear appear in this version, I had to mask out their credits in the credits. The way this was done was to use two masks, one for the upper half of the credits, the other for the lower half, with both on a Mask video layer. This allowed me to seamlessly cut out the credits I didn’t need.

With a slightly shortened version of my usual end credits sequence so that the now truncated original credits still matched up, it was time to export as a 71 edit. Next, having loaded the 71 Edit file, I had to chromakey out the black credits background so I could overlay it onto my closing credits version of the opening title sequence. Exporting that file gave me the final 72 Edit download version that runs just under twenty minutes.

Since it’s Christmas, and in lieu of a fan edit of one of the remaining Xmas Specials [there simply hasn’t been the time, what with not only working the dayjob but also all the work required on Shada] I thought I’d do an extra orphan edit and join the start of this episode to the end of Episode Six of The Wheel In Space, giving you two versions to tie in to the two versions of the original. Wheel 6 ends with the scene where Kennedy gets exterminated at the start of Evil 2 so the idea of running one into the other, as they did when the end of Wheel led into a repeat transmission of Evil back in the day, was one that was too much fun to ignore.

In order to make the transition from Wheel 6 to Evil 2 work, I first had to line up the two versions of Kennedy’s extermination so they matched. The Wheel version is a lot darker than the Evil original and slightly zoomed in as you can see from the screengrab comparison below so I wanted to use as little of the repeat version as possible…

In order to do that I used a cross-fade from the screen showing the scene in progress in Wheel to the scene itself from Evil. I then moved Zoe’s final close up before the end credits to just after Kennedy has been killed in order to make the sequence work that bit better.

The next thing to do was to put the opening Pat credits onto the opening of the closing Wheel Episode 6 scene. With that done it was simply a case of joining this new opening to the already edited Evil Episode 2 to complete the second version, and then add a credit-less version of the usual end credits to finish it off. From start to finish editing both versions of the episode took about four hours.

5 thoughts on “Evil of the Daleks Part 2

  1. Good luck with Shada. I have a feeling we may share the same views on “Twice Upon A Time” regarding it being the last episode of Doctor Who as a fan. I guess it would be quite morbid if you made The Doctor decide against regenerating though, but I suppose it would make sense for those fans who wish to “get off the bus” at this point.

    • Shada is going quite well, as for TUAT…

      Let’s just say that the ending will be slightly different to what we got on telly. I know what I want to do with it, I’ve always known. I’ve already done a rough cut and it works just like I thought it would.

      The DVD comes out on January 22nd so look out for the Fan Edit in early February!

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