Face The Raven

Face The Raven was originally going to be a compilation edit of the final three episodes of Series Nine, tracking The Life And Death And Life of The Impossible Girl. Since I was inspired to start editing the episodes once Hell Bent had transmitted, I started work on the movie edit from the TX versions, which I downloaded from the usual sources on the net and worked from those instead of waiting for the DVD Box Set.

A Movie Edit presented more than a few challenges as none of the eps led directly into each other. Of the three, it was the middle episode of the trilogy, Heaven Sent, that caused me the most problems, which is what gave me second thoughts about the project and ultimately led to me having another idea, which was to cut it out of the edit altogether…

The way to do that was to use Rigsy’s spray painting of the Tardis from the end of Face The Raven as a teaser scene at the very start of the edit, then go from Rigsy to Twelvy arriving at the diner from the start of Hell Bent, flashback to Face The Raven when Clara asks Twelvy to tell her about Clara and then, when Clara sticks her tits out in the street as the aforesaid raven is about to smash into her…

clara oswald tits

…cut straight to the Doctor’s rescue of Clara from Hell Bent, and avoid Heaven Sent altogether!

It was such an obvious and elegant solution to my problem that I wondered why it took me so long to think of it. It was a simple, neat way to get from Face The Raven to Hell Bent without losing anything important along the way and I liked it a lot better than any of the alternatives. But then I had a second set of second thoughts once I’d finally worked out how to fix Heaven Sent, meaning an individual edit for each of the three episodes of The Hybrid Trilogy was back on. And so this became yet another of those episodes that got edited more than once, this time from the S9 box set, allowing me to make more cuts than I’d been able to with the transmitted version.

Stuart-Manning-Face-the-Raven-posterSo Rigsy from Flatline has moved from Bristol to London, found himself a bird, knocked her up, become a dad and now’s he’s been set up as a patsy by Me in order to trap Twelvy in the confession dial for Rassilon… what could possibly go wrong?

The first cut was to lose the scenes in Rigsy’s flat and get him straight into the Tardis after his phone call, for reasons of pace. We then lose the Doctor’s prompt cards, which I always felt were crass and pointless, in what was a tricky little section to cut together.

Clara hanging out of the TARDIS doorway, reminiscent of Smiffy in The Day of the Doctor, and enjoying it way too much, is a nice foreshadowing of the recklessness and risk-taking that will eventually get her killed. The next cut was to all those the tedious shots of the cast wandering up and down the streets. Once we get to the Trap Street we lose the gratuitously self-indulgent and fanwank-y “Spot The Dr Who Monster” cameos, and the old bloke who gets Raven’d is no longer a Cyberman [sorry, but WTF?]. 

Clara’s death is a bit of a tearjerker, and it’s well handled by all concerned, with Clara’s pride, arrogance, and over-confidence proving her undoing. In some ways its a shame that the end she gets here isn’t her end at all but that’s Moffat for you…

Although the tx version ends with Rigsy’s spray painting of the Tardis, for the solo edit of this episode I felt it was a stronger ending to finish on the shot of the teleport bracelet as it falls to the floor. I also thought about including the Deleted Scene from this ep that’s on the S9 box set of Rigsy going home to his bird and having a good old blub but again, I felt the bracelet ending was better as all we want to know is where has Twelvy gone.

The answer is, of course, into the confession dial and the problematic next episode that is Heaven Sent


6 thoughts on “Face The Raven

  1. Fascinating idea. I was wondering how a fan edit of this would work. It’s so difficult, because each episode is really a self-contained story forming a trilogy. Good work.

    Hoping you do more NuWho edits. Especially S2, which probably needs it the most.

  2. Wow, this was very inspired. I never thought of gluing FTR and HB together with no HS in between, but it works sensationally well, especially since Doc info-dumps what we need to know about the situation in the HB portion anyway. Great work as always

  3. You could still have used Heavens Sent footage I reckon, as a matter of fact I’ve gone back and redid Face the Raven with that in mind, as soon as The Doctor arrives inside the dial, just use the final ten minutes from the episode with him going through the time loop and breaking the wall

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