The Abominable Snowmen Part Two

Our ongoing journey through the orphan episodes continues with the single surviving [so far] episode of a story that’s only really remembered for the sequel that it led to. But without The Abominable Snowmen we wouldn’t have The Web of Fear so let’s hear it for Haisman and Lincoln!

I made just eight cuts to the episode, mostly to remove all that tedious chit-chat among the Monks. There really isn’t enough incident for six episodes, and there’s altogether too much Monkery going for my liking, so you can guess where the majority of the cuts fell.

Aside from cutting all that monky chit-chat, most of the cuts were to either the beginning or the end of certain scenes, such as the one where Pat is examining the captured Yeti. Mark Ayres’ valiant attempt at patching the audio for the start of the scene doesn’t really work and so that got cut, a trim complicated by the fact that I had to wait until the camera had stopped moving before cutting to the scene.

With that done, the next thing to do was to fix the end titles to have the usual End Scream version instead of a repeat of the opening music with a naff fade out at the end.

I also took the opportunity to fix the last few captions after the Yeti actors’ credit has scrolled off screen. The originals are off centre and biased to the right of the screen so I made new version to match and aligned them centre screen as they should have been. I then fixed the opening titles to give them matching credits to match the closing ones (why are the credits in the orignal so small???) 

All in all, it took me just half an hour to knock this one together, with the much more time consuming part of the edit being the addition of some incidental music, something missing from the original. In the audio edit of the complete story, I used the soundtrack to Bitching And Witching by Joan Valent, but for this I wanted something different. I did toy with the idea of using some Davison music but in the end I went for something altogether different – Doctor Strange!

I wanted music that had a slightly spooky feel to it and since Stephen Vincent Strange’s mentor, in the original comics at least, wasn’t a bald Tilda Swinton but an aged Tibetan called The Ancient One, it felt appropriate to use the music from the movie for this edit. And it’s plausible that The Great Intelligence, an entity which clearly has an over-inflated sense of it’s own importance, might just have originated in one of those weird Steve Ditko dimensions…

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