The Lodger

A comic love story, loosely based on the DWM comic strip of the same name, The Lodger has to be my favourite Series 5 episode, and not just because it’s got the decidedly do-able Daisy Haggard in the cast. Tonally it’s one of those rare things, a well cast “human” story that strikes just the right balance between Caring and Scaring. Caring for the characters of Craig and Sophie, and Scaring with the well creepy whatever-it-is at the top of the stairs in the upstairs flat that isn’t an upstairs flat.

And in that upstairs flat there’s a Silence timeship, though we won’t find that out until the awful Day of the Moon, with the spider-y structure above the console bearing more than a passing resemblance to the one we  saw in the Eighth Doctor’s TV Movie TARDIS…

With a fun story as good as this, I initially thought it wouldn’t really benefit from being fan edited. And so it was one of those stories that I didn’t really plan on editing at all, and there weren’t that many of those I can tell you…

The original idea behind Whoflix was to bring the Classic Series in line with the New and with that goal finally achieved after six years only the New Series episodes remained. I was quite chilled about the fact that some eps might not be edited at all, but now I’m of the mind that there’s probably something a bit different you can do with every single one of them.

Some fan edits are easier than others and some, frankly, require a lot of bloody hard work. This one didn’t and was done in an hour or so. In fact, it took me longer to put this page and the mock CD cover together than it did to do the fan edit!

The first change you’ll notice, or rather hear, is the theme music. I still think the best of all the Murray Gold versions is Series 4 but the one he came up with for Series 5 is lame to say the least. And so, since it’s my fan edit and I can do what I want to, I’ve replaced it with a cut-down version of a favourite of mine from the Whomix site, Last of the Time Lords MkII, which fits the opening titles pretty much perfectly. Augmented by the lightning strikes fx from the original and an extra sting, I reckon it’s a lot better than what we got on the telly and so it’ll stay for the rest of the S5 &6 edits.

The main cuts are simply to all those peeps who get tricked into going up the stairs. After the first one gets done in before the titles, we know what goes on at the top of the scary stairs of doom and don’t need to know who the next one is that’s for the chop. A minor but significant change that helps knock 5m or so off the running time. If only they were all so easy…

And is it just me, or, in light of what we now know from The Pilot, does the fact that the scary Silence timeship emergency crash program is looking for a pilot mean that Puddlegirl Heather is the engine oil from a similar type of ship? Coincidence or a subtle Moffat-y retcon-y continuity link?

And speaking of stairs, we never did find out what was at the top of those stairs in Amy Pond’s house that went nowhere, did we? And now we probably never will…

The only other cut to the episode was to lose the crack in the wall coda and Amy finding her engagement ring in the Doctor’s coat pocket. That can wait for another edit, for this one I wanted to keep the focus on the romance between Craig and Sophie which is what it’s really all about.


2 thoughts on “The Lodger

  1. So glad someone else noticed the stairs in Amy’s house going nowhere. I had a whole theory at the time that Romana had parked her Tharil-built Tardis up there, cloaked with a perception filter, then used a diamond ring (with white-pointed star) as a matrix to hold her personality (c.f. the Master’s ring) while she used a chameleon arch to turn herself into a human child to wait out the Time War, and that in the end of that series Amy would activate the ring, become Romana again, and eventually regenerate into River, thus explaining why River knows how to pilot the Tardis (and, indeed, as said seven minutes into The Time of Angels, the Doctor was busy that day, i.e. this very episode when Amy was learning the ropes) and also why River knows his name. Ah! Not to be.

    1. Blimey! Sounds like you’ve been possessed by the ghost of Craig Hinton! But I admire your ingenuity in coming up with it!

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