The Day of The Doctor – Matt Smith version

Chronologically speaking, in terms of the Doctor’s timeline, this is the third of our three versions of The Day of the Doctor, one each for Hurt, Tennant and Smiffy. As with the versions for the War Doctor and Dr Tennant, the idea was for each edit to keep the focus on one Doctor in turn, and this is the one for Smiffy. As such there’s much less of the Tennant and Hurt stuff and much more of the stuff that wasn’t in either of those versions for obvious reasons. Such as the opening…

In this version, it’s a bit different. For a start we don’t get the callbacks to An Unearthly Child. If Totter’s Lane is that close to Coal Hill School why did Ian say he’d never have found it in the fog? And why is Clara leaving the school at quarter past five? Those are the sorts of clumsy continuity nods that JNT was fond of back in 1983 and they don’t work any better in 2013. So in this version we open with Clara rolling up to the TARDIS on her motorbike, yet another skill we never knew she had, a bit like her being an English teacher, that came out of nowhere as well…

Losing the original intro would mean this story had no opening titles so instead I gave this edit the standard opening sequence of Series Seven only with a blank space where the episode title would normally go, since we get the credits when Smiffy is hanging upside down over Trafalgar Square.

As you would expect, this version omits most of the Tennant and Hurt stuff, including the flashback to the Hurt Doctor stealing the Moment that I included in the Tennant version. Since Smiffy tells us that the Hurt Doctor was there at the end of the Time War we don’t really need the flashback so this is the only version that doesn’t have any of the initial scenes set on Gallifrey.

The only really tricky cut to make was to the moment where the Zygon Kate Stewart spews. I thought it was a bit too gross and so I cut around it. Another additional moment not in the other versions is Smiffy phoning up to get the painting moved to the Black Archive, something we didn’t need explained in the Hurt & Tennant versions as we never saw the painting in its original location in the gallery.

As for the ending, the Hurt version ends with his regeneration, the Tennant version omits the regeneration and ends with him leaving the gallery, whereas in this version we get the complete ending as on telly, complete with Tom “Curator” Baker and the full line up of Doctors.

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