The Runaway Bride


The idea for tackling this edit came from the latest DWM at the time, issue 507. The Fact of Fiction that issue was for this story and since Catherine Tate is still my favourite New Series companion, I thought it’d be fun to have a bash at editing it since Xmas was coming up in a week’s time. But then I thought it would be better to tackle The Christmas Invasion first since that was the first of the specials and doing that edit that would continue the unbroken run of completed edits that starts all the way back with with An Unearthly Child.

Having done TCI, it was time to turn my attention to TRB, a story that resulted in one of those edits that was more about trims than cuts. The story is properly structured, by which I mean almost all the focus is on the Doctor & Donna, meaning it’s very hard to find anything extraneous to cut. But I did, though it took a while…

runaway-bride-dwmThe first cut was to Donna finding Rose’s purple top. Not because I didn’t like the scene, but because it led straight into the first scene of Sylvia at the church doing what Sylvia does best, moaning about Donna. That was a scene we didn’t need as Sylvia does the same thing again when Donna turns up at the reception, telling us all we need to know about the resentment and disappointment Sylvia feels towards her daughter. Simply cutting the Sylvia scene resulted in a nasty jump cut and the answer was to take out the scene that led into it, with the “Tardis Lands” sound effect added in to help cover the join.

The next cut was to the Racnoss’ “I Do” gag, which, apart from being only mildly amusing, is a dramatic pause in the action that we don’t need. So in this version, she simply cuts Lance loose and lets him fall to his death down that ruddy great plughole that leads to the spider spaceship. The rest of the trims were to the Webstar attack, losing the annoying child, bringing the whole thing in at 57m and making it, I reckon, the least cut edit yet. Perhaps one day I’ll come across an episode where there’s nothing to cut. This wasn’t it, but it came pretty close…


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