The Christmas Invasion

By the time I came to fan edit this story, Whoflix had edited everything from An Unearthly Child to The Parting of the Ways. That just left the occasional re-visitation of a Classic Series story to improve on some of my earliest, least experienced work, and the occasional foray into the New Series when I felt like there was something I could do to improve things.

Work on Power of the Daleks was proving to be more time consuming than I had thought it would be, due to the large number of fixes the edit needed to improve the animation, and so I decided to take a break and tackle something else, something easier and that meant the New Series. The latest DWM – issue 507 – had just arrived and the Fact of Fiction that issue was The Runaway Bride. That’s what gave me the idea of tackling one of the Xmas Specials, since Xmas was only a week away and I settled on this one since, chronologically, it continues the run of completed fan edits. It was also easy to do, being completed in just a couple of hours.


Back in the day [did Ten really make his debut ten years ago? Yikes!] my main gripe with this story was that it took far too long for Ten to turn up. When he finally appeared at the TARDIS doors saying “Did you miss me?” I felt like shouting “Yes! Where the bloody hell have you been?” at the telly! I can understand why, structurally, RTD chose to keep Tennant back in the story but it was well frustrating waiting for him to finally turn up. And so I resolved to try and get to that moment a bit quicker in this version!

christmas-invasion-dwmHaving included the Children In Need prequel to this episode at the end of The Parting of the Ways, I could go straight into the story and all of the cuts were to scenes the Doctor wasn’t in. However I did add in the deleted scene from the DVD where Ten tries to come up with an alternative for “Fantastic!”. Doing this was complicated by the fact that the grading was different to the TX version and there was no background sound underneath the scene. That meant I had to adjust the colour balance, add some reverb and make a loop of some “clean” Sycorax Spaceship background noise to make it fit in with the TX footage and hide the join.

Something else I added in was another cameo appearance from a certain Elton Pope, which was too good an opportunity to pass up. The scene from Love And Monsters where he looks out the window at the Sycorax ship? That had to go in for completeness’ sake.  And there’s also a reaction shot of a certain former Metropolitan magazine journalist when Harriet Jones, Prime Minister makes her TV appeal for the Doctor’s help as well as a couple of other people who might well have been watching the PM’s Xmas Day Emergency Broadcast…



RTD downloads


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