Enemy of the Bane


Enemy of the Bane is the last of our irregular edits of The Sarah Jane Adventures.  Having edited the SJA stories with both Doctors 10 and 11 and now the Brig, Whoflix’s work on this bit of the FanEdit Whoniverse is done.

It’s grand to see the Brig and his tum back for one last stab at defending the Earth, with Lis and Nick Courtney reunited on screen for the first time since Downtime.  With Samantha Bond returning as the treacherous Mrs Wormwood along with old Sontaran scarface Kaagh [why hasn’t Anthony O’Donnell joined Dan Starkey in voicing the potatoheads for Big Finish yet?] it’s a real reunion story only let down by how little the Brig is actually involved. His only real plot function is to get Sarah access to the Tunguska Scroll, after that he’s pretty much just along for the ride. 


Old Skool Who was, on the whole, four parts of 25m each, and TSJA echoed that format, but instead it was two parters. It was as if a four part story had been condensed into two episodes and you can imagine that, had Doctor Who continued on the BBC post-Survival, it would have probably ended up being pretty much like SJA was. And that’s probably not such a bad thing.



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