One of the main inspirations behind doing these Fan Edits is the desire to see a particular scene brought to life, just as it is in your mind`s eye. With Mindwarp, I always wanted to see the end of the final episode lead into the opening Trial sequence, something that would probably have happened had the story been part of an “ordinary” season.

The first edit of this story was done back in 2011, inspired by a widescreen version shown at a one-day convention held in Glasgow in 2010 with Nabil Shaban. That did the same thing of taking out the Trial sequences and the alternate version of the story was well received screening despite some technical issues on the day. It was screened in three parts, one after each of the interview sessions on Nabil’s career before, during and after his time as Sil.

flash gordon ostGreat though it is to have Nabil Shaban back as Sil mk 2, who’s clearly got greener as he’s got older, it’s not so great to have Brian Blessed doing his Voltan mk2 impression and shouting instead of acting. In many ways, that bloody Flash Gordon film ruined him as an actor, as all people wanted him to do was that stupid bloody shouty thing. Blessed is a bit bonkers as a person but he’s a good actor, shame he’s now turned into a caricature of himself. And as for King Yrcanos taking Perpugilliam of The Brown for his bride, that’s a companion exit that’s even more unlikely than Leela marrying Andred!!!

Unlike its predecessor, The Mysterious Planet, this story doesn`t have as much intrusion from the Trial sequences, hence the episodes are a bit longer. The main thing I wanted to edit out was all that “nasty doctor” bollocks that we got again. Saward may have thought it was dramatic, but the rest of us know that a character who expresses drama like that is not who the character of the Doctor is. At least he’s not when he’s written correctly… 

We don’t want the Doctor to be a mysoginistic psychopath, we want him to be the hero we all fell in love with and messing around with that does no-one any good. Editing around all that meant that the story comes out at three episodes instead of four but I really do think it`s the better for it.

And I do love that cliffhanger ending to episode three where the Doctor, on his way to rescue Peri, gets dragged into the Tardis and whisked away to a strange station in space for what must be one of the best cliffhanger endings ever, and it wasn’t even one they used in the show!

So now – if you`re feeling particularly brave! – you can watch my 4-part version of The Mysterious Planet, then my 3-part version of Mindwarp, then all 14 episodes of The Trial of a Timelord and see those first two stories from both points of view…

mindwarp dwmThe original 2011 ending to Part Three of this edit included the scene where Kiv wakes up in Peri’s body and Sil laments that he wishes Crozier could have found a more attractive one. At the time I put the edit together back in 2011, I felt it was the right thing to do to include the scene as the alternative, Peri becoming a Warrior Queen set up high by that warmongering fool Yrcanos, was the least believable thing about The Trial of A Time Lord! However, two things led me to revisit the ending of the edit of Part Three and revisit my decision to include that scene in the fan edit. The first was Zycron’s feedback [which can be found in the comments section of this post] and the second was the Big Finish audio The Widow’s Assassin.

widow's assassin big finishWithout getting too Spoiler-y in case you haven’t listened to it yet, the audio, which sees Sixie finally go back to rescue/revisit Peri, makes it clear that a mental transfer did indeed take place. So if you take the view, as I do, that the Big Finish audio adventures are secondary texts that are as canonical as The Night of the Doctor implies they are, then the scene should theoretically stay. However, having given it some thought I decided that the better option was to keep the initial scene where Crozier talks about transferring Kiv’s mind, but to cut the next scene where he wakes up in her body. That way we still get the “truth” of what happened, and the edit gets what is, on balance, a better ending than the one I put together five years ago!

Mindwarp by Adrian Salmon

mindwarp cd rear



6 thoughts on “Mindwarp

  1. IMHO the only reason Revelation of the Daleks wasn’t the worst story to date is that it wasn’t quite as bad as Twin Dilemma. Then Trial came along, and it soon became clear that JNT, Saward and Martin had managed to crank out a travesty even WORSE than Twin Dilemma.
    Your cuts ALMOST saved it. Making the segments stand-alone stories makes it clear that the whole Trial is a show trial (no pun intended) and the Valeyard is framing the Doctor, which I think makes for better drama than the what-really-happened approach where no clear answers were ever provided.
    Your version of Mindwarp is much more watchable with the nastiness and courtroom scenes gone, except for two things. We still hear the Doctor saying “look out behind you.” IMHO it would have worked better if the fiasco had been Yrcanos’ fault and the “look out behind you” was a forgery added in by the Valeyard. With the line missing in “Mindwarp,” the Doctor wouldn’t look like a traitor, and the audience would realize, which the Doctor and the Inquisitor didn’t, that the Trial version of that scene was fake.
    Also, the scene where Kiv wakes up in Peri’s body is disgusting and depressing, and not only does the Master tell the Inquisitor that never happened, but the Doctor never (on screen, at least) goes back to check on her! Like the “look out behind you” line, that scene would have worked better during the Trial segment to make it clear it’s a forgery.

    • 1] On balance, having looked at it again, I agree with you about the Kiv In Peri’s Body scene and have adjusted the edit accordingly. Never let it be said that Whoflix doesn’t listen to its audience!

      2] However, I disagree with you about “look out behind you!”. For one thing, we know Sixie’s mind has been scrambled by the mind transfer machine from the previous corridor scene so that gives context to the line. For another, removing it means Sil’s comments about not trusting him at the end of this scene and the start of the next, would then make no sense if he has simply been captured as a result of a botched attack. When you come to edit your own version you’ll appreciate just how much work will be involved in making the cut you suggest. Looking at it again, on this one I still think I made the right choice.

  2. I really appreciate what you’ve done with the Trial overall. Trial of a Time Lord was my first Classic Who, mainly because it was the only complete season I found at my library after watching New Who and deciding to go back and see what the old show was like. I found the stories rather enjoyable and have a special fondness for Colin Baker’s Doctor as a result.
    These edits really elevate the stories to a higher quality. The trial framework was really unnecessary. You cut out all the scenes that I think would have been the ones Colin played as complete fabrications and it is really very effective! I like to think of this edit as “what really happened” and the TX version as the matrix version that the Valeyard has manipulated.
    Great work as always!

    • Your first CS Who was Trial??? And it didn’t put you off? Blimey! Well, I suppose everyone’s got to start somewhere…

      Glad you enjoyed the edits, getting rid of the “Nasty Sixie” stuff was always a priority for Mindwarp. As was cutting the Trial sequences overall, which were a real trial to sit through!

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