The Long Game


Today, Thursday May 7th 2015, is the date of the UK General Election, but ten years ago May 7th was a Saturday and we were all settling down to watch Dr Who and The Big Pink Blob With Teeth.

This was one of the quickest ever edits to do, taking all of about 20 minutes to complete. It’s one of the less memorable episodes from the 2005 Series but that’s only because everything else around it is so good. We didn’t know at the time that this was a prequel to the Dalek-fest of the finale but it’s a clever move on RTD’s part, one that was doubtless inspired by The Ark In Space and Revenge of the Cybermen, to set two stories on the same space station at different points in their history. Quite how the Daleks actually managed to install the Jagrafess is left to the imagination, but only a Fan would concern themselves with the backstory to that.

doctor-who-complete-history-38It’s very clever of RTD to have a failed companion who selfishly takes advantage of access to a time machine. A lot of “real” people would but Adam’s presence only serves to highlight for both the Dr and the audience how special Rose is. It’s not that only special people get to travel in the Tardis, but that, if that’s what you want to do when you grow up, then you need to be special and have some character to you, some integrity, which I think is as good a message to give the kids of the generation of anonymous online abusers as any.

One thing about these episodes, and it applies right across the entire season, is that they haven’t aged at all and don’t look like they are ten years old, not to me anyway. And the key to the edit of this one was very simple – cut all the scenes with Adam getting his info-spike put in. That way we can discover what the little git’s been up to at the same time as the Dr And Rose. Not only is he an annoying git in full-on Adric Mode, although unlike Matthew Waterhouse, Bruno Langley can actually act, I’m much more interested in what Eccles and Billie are up to. And that nice Simon Pegg bloke from Shaun of the Dead. Surely somewhere there’s a parallel universe where the Tardis lands in the Winchester…


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