Probably THE most anticipated episode of the initial 2005 run of the show’s return, Dalek is a triumph on almost every level. They look better than they did in the old days and they are thankfully back to being what they should be – devious, deadly killing machines instead of just Davros’ stormtroopers. Despite all the stories in the press at the time, I doubt there was ever any real danger that the Daleks wouldn’t be in the revived series. I assume the sticking point was money, with Terry Nation’s estate telling their agents to play hardball with the BBC. Whatever the truth of the matter, the fact that there was a shedload of money to be made all over again meant their was only ever one realistic outcome to that particular game of poker…

As for the edit, well, the only things you can really lose are the scenes with Adam, the companion who couldn’t. It’s a clever move on the part of RTD to include a failed companion, as the law of averages would suggest at least someone would try to take advantage of having a time machine at their disposal. Nobody back in the Classic days did that and Turlough doesn’t really count but the predominantly self-contained nature of the New Series episodes means you can tell such a story. The first major cut is to the initial flirty Adam/Rose scene, as well as Van Statten analysing the Doctor, meaning I had to relocate the end of the flirty scene so that Rose’s interest in the Dalek still makes sense.

dalek by adrian salmon dwm435

doctor-who-complete-history-38There were a few other brief cuts to the story, but the only addition to the edit is a quick flashback to the John Hurt Doctor, which I couldn’t not include, given what we now know about The Time War and how it really ended.

Back in 2005 we all thought it was Dr McGann who had pressed the button and had no real reason to think otherwise. The other “false” assumption we all made back then was that, with Dr McGann having regenerated into Dr Eccles, that Rose was taking place soon after, at least partially based on his “look at the ears” comment.

Come 2013 and The Day of the Doctor we found out the truth, and not only that, RTD stated in DWM485, discussing Rose for that issue’s Fact of Fiction feature, that he felt the Eccles Doctor had been around for a while, which makes just as much sense, if not a bit more. So adding in the flashback to the Hurt Doctor was an obvious thing to do in a Fan Edit, particularly now that we know that Eccles is beating himself up over something he didn’t do…


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