The Crusade

The Crusade Radio Timesdoctor who complete history 11The Crusade is David Whitaker playing at being John Lucarotti in full on pseudo-Shakespeare mode. It’s a shame that the story wasn’t given a DVD release, given that it complied with Dan Hall’s “only two eps missing” rule, the criteria under which several other stories had been released. But then we learned the truth about the release of The Underwater Menace and knew it wasn’t going to happen. And episode one hasn’t been given the Restoration Team treatment either… 

At first I did think that I might attempt some sort of Loose Cannon-type soundtrack & telesnaps recon, a bit like what the Beeb themselves did for Marco Polo, but I soon realised there would be far too much work involved to make it worthwhile. And with only thirty fan edits to go until I had achieved my goal of fan editing the entire Classic Series, I felt it best to stick to audio for all those stories that are missing, either in whole or in part, and press on instead of getting bogged down.

dr who 2.6 crusade covers

One thing I was quite keen on doing was using William Russell’s links from the Lost In Time DVD. I would have loved to have found some Brigadier clips to make it sound as if that was who Ian was talking to but again, there was no time for that. So instead I settled for using the “let me tell you about it” intro, backed with a couple of music cues from “Thirty Years” and “Shada” that just seemed to fit perfectly as a lead in. After that it was on to the story itself.

The Crusade by Adrian Salmon DWM288
EDIT #1 – AUDIO, 2014.
crusade lion

This first ep lasts eleven minutes as it has all the setting up to do. As with the previous edit of Marco Polo, there were very few cuts made to this opener, the shorter duration mostly comes from tightening up the pace. The opening scenes in particular survive pretty much intact due to the almost continual incidental music, which made cuts impossible without it being obvious that a cut had been made. And hiding your cuts is the whole point of doing a fan edit.

crusade knight jaffa

Come part two we concentrate on the scenes in Richard’s throne room and leave all Barbara’s shennanigans with old scarface El Acker Bilk to happen offstage. And we don’t really need all the stuff with the Chamberlain wondering where the Doc got his clobber from either. And so we cover this ep in just eight minutes.

crusade wheel fortune

All the good stuff in episode three takes place, as before, at Jaffa with old Tricky Dicky Lionheart, so again we stay there. Joanna having a hissy fit when she finds out Dicky’s plan to marry her off, is far more interesting to listen to than anything Ian & Babs are getting up to, so that means we can cover this one in eight minutes too.

crusade warlordsFor the final ep, once again we stick to Richard’s throne room for the final few scenes there and ignore whatever Ian and Babs are up to. This ep has about nine minutes in the final edit which benefits, like The Romans before it, from keeping its focus on the Doctor and Vicki instead of Ian & Babs. Just think of this as being one of those stories where they’re both on holiday for a fortnight.

dr who and the crusaders hardbackWhereas the previous edit, Marco Polo, took me the best part of three days, this was completed in about three hours. The only tricky bits were a few places where I needed music cues to cover the joins, one of which was a Tristram Carey one from that CD of his. And the end, with the short closing theme tune, involved a bit of careful cross fading in order to retain the “Next Episode” bit.

With thanks to Jeff Hall.

dwm the crusade



CRUSADE CD REARdownload crusade
EDIT #2 – VIDEO, 2016.

Having completed work on the orphan episodes of The Underwater Menace and The Space Pirates, I wanted to do something different and settled on The Crusade as a nice constrast. The choice of this story as the enxt one to tackle was made easier by the fact that the Lost In Time DVD included the William Russell narration from the VHS release. That meant I could put together a “complete” fan edit of the story instead of having to edit two individual episodes as cut-downs. The fact that William Russell delivers his narration in character as an older Ian Chesterton also helped with the decision to go for a compilation edit.

The first step was to compile the narration and the episodes together so that we could go straight from one to the other, something that was easy to do and worked well. What didn’t work so well was the transition from Old Ian in colour to Young Ian in monochrome and so I greyscaled the narration so that everything was in Black & White. That worked much better and after that it was just a case of cutting out the padding and bunging the opening and closing titles at either end.

Even with the addition of the narration sequences, this edit of the two surviving episodes of The Crusade runs to just half an hour.

Crusade by Roger Langridge DWM357

download crusade


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