The Crusade Video Edit


Having completed work on the orphan episodes of The Underwater Menace and The Space Pirates, I wanted to do something different next and settled on The Crusade as a nice contrast.

The choice of this story as the next one to tackle was made easier by the fact that the Lost In Time DVD included the William Russell narration from the VHS release. That meant I could put together a “complete” fan edit of the story instead of having to edit two individual episodes as cut-downs. The fact that William Russell delivers his narration in character as an older Ian Chesterton also helped with the decision to go for a compilation edit.

The first step was to compile the narration and the episodes together so that we could go straight from one to the other, something that was easy to do and worked well. I never considered moving from video to telesnaps and back again but don’t let that stop you from doing your own version that way!

What didn’t work so well was the transition from Old Ian in colour to Young Ian in monochrome and so I greyscaled the narration footage so that everything was in Black & White. That worked much better and after that it was just a case of cutting out the padding and bunging the opening and closing titles at either end.

Even with the addition of the narration sequences, this edit of the two surviving episodes of The Crusade runs to just half an hour, only five minutes less than the audio edit of all four.

Crusade by Roger Langridge DWM357

download crusade


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