State of Decay


state decay covers

This was probably one of the easiest stories I’ve edited yet, since I’d already worked on it twice before – once for the audio edit [scroll down for that version] and once for The Five Doctors. That meant I was already quite familiar with it and knew what cuts I wanted to make in addition to the usual Adric-lite approach, with the result that this edit was completed in a single day.

For this story I wanted Adric’s involvement to be as much of a surprise to the audience as it is to the Doctor and Romana, so that meant keeping him out of the edit until Aukon mentions him. After that it would be the usual case of cutting his contribution back to the bare minimum.

Of course, we all know that this story started life as The Vampire Mutations and would have opened Season Fifteen instead of Horror of Fang Rock. Quite what that iteration of the story would have been like, with Leela instead of Romana, we can only guess at. Such a pity that internal BBC politics got it canned. And State of Decay is a crap title so, partly in homage to it’s Hinchcliffian origins this one gets retitled as the much more Who-y The Vampires of E-Space!

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2 thoughts on “State of Decay

  1. Really enjoyed the audio edit with the old Tom Baker cassette. Works super well. There were actually two versions of that released: one on two cassettes and the other on a single tape. The latter doesn’t have the annoying fake theme music you mention, and is the one I have (converted to MP3). So if you ever fancy yet another crack at The Vampires of E-Space, restoring the bits of Tom’s narration that you couldn’t use because of the jingle, give me a shout and I’ll send you the MP3!

    • Thanks for the offer Owen, had no idea there was another jingle-free version. Might take you up on that one day… Glad you enjoyed the edit.

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