complete-history-26A ghost story that isn’t a ghost story at all but a love story in disguise? Okay, yeah, I can live with that. Dougray Scott doing his tormented Captain Scarlet routine, yeah. That bird who was Verity Lambert in Space and Time, yeah. Debbie Doom and Gordon Gloom, what a pair they make. The two of them being so wet and timid, in a performance that’s painfully realistic, yeah, that works. The Doc does have form when it comes to matchmaking, but I wanted him to do another one of his “For Gawd’s Sake! Kiss the girl!” pep talks with Gordon Gloom after about five minutes.

The spooky Stone Tape type atmosphere, with just a touch of Sapphire and Steel about it, yeah that works brilliantly. As do the quick flashes of the shadow of the spider-y thing that’s lurking in the house. What a pity it’s reveal as just a grey, bone-y lumpy twist-y “Crooked Man” thing was something of a let-down but hey, you can’t have everything. And having not one but two sets of separated lovers, one physically, the other emotionally, is maybe one too many. And yes, the trapped time traveller being related to Doom and Gloom was just a bit too contrived for my liking but it sort of works.

What doesn’t work is all those stupid bloody flipped shots and the discontinuity between “bow tie” and “no bow tie” in the scary woods. So all those mistakes, the reason for tackling the edit in the first place, get fixed and everything gets tightened up just that little bit more, losing about nine minutes. I hate flipped shots!

Tardis Visual Interface? Oh yes! Loved that bit, hope it turns up again. Matt’s inability to pronounce Met-ah-bee-liss Three correctly? Pants. How the hell did that one one escape the read-through for a start?

Interesting that, in Classic Series eps, only about 10m actually advances the story but, in New Series eps, there’s only about 10m that doesn’t. Hmmm….





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