Doctor Who: 1963 – 2013. Music Video.

Series Eight starts soon and once again everything is going to change, so what better time to upload something different, our first video that’s not a Fan Edit.

This video is Whoflix’s tribute to the first fifty years of Doctor Who and features clips from almost every story from An Unearthly Child to The Time of The Doctor, taking us on a chronological clipfest through the entire series from Hartnell to Capaldi.

And what else could accompany all these clips but as many Murray Gold cues as I could find that include his wonderful “I Am The Doctor” theme, making it the theme for all the Doctors and not just Smiffy. It’s Fifty years in just under fifty minutes, our very own Whoflix Prom, celebrating everything that happened before Deep Breath.

We hope you enjoy the video and, if you don’t like the clips we’ve chosen, feel free to load the file into whatever video editing software you use and replace them!

As in previous years, Whoflix will take a break while the new episodes are transmitting and will return when the series is over, in November.

shalka tardis

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who: 1963 – 2013. Music Video.

    • It’s from the 2010 Prom, I needed a version I could loop twice to cover the entire list, otherwise it would have raced up the screen so fast you’d think it was an american sitcom!

  1. IMO the edit is good except in one section, when it gets to Voyage of the Damned and Partners in Crime it appears that someone forgot to actually edit those clips down.

    A little less Kylie might have made time to include some notable omissions, such as Harry Sullivan or Mr Sin or Doctors 5 and 10 meeting! (Or any clip at all from Frontios. No love for the Tractators at Whoflix?)

    • As ever I put in the clips that I liked, timed to the music, nothing to stop you replacing them with your own.

      Take a look at the Posting Notes.

  2. great thanks i have seen the African found restored episodes but a six parter is a bit of a challenge to take in these days

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