Four to Doomsday

Doctor Who Big Finish Four To Doomsday

complete-history-23Dr Who and The Space Frogs isn’t a very highly regarded story, probably because it doesn’t make a helluva lot of dramatic sense when you think about it. A digital copy of your entire memory and personality is still a copy, it’s not you. So no, Adric, you wan’t be immortal you pillock, that’s like cloning you pet dog – it might look the same and might behave in a similar way but it’s not the original. Muppet.

Adric’s being convinced by Monarch is just one element of the story that’s bonkers, so the Fan Edit makes it look a bit more like he’s just going along with Monarch, biding his time for an opportunity to nobble him, rather than being a gullible twat. And as you might expect, the nonsense with the cricket ball gets cut so that the Doctor makes it to the Tardis without interruptions.  

four to doomsday covers

As well as having nonsense science in it, even allowing for the futurisms of fantasy television, this story is also terribly dull, unless you think excessive ethnic dancing makes for exciting television. And Bigon is a real missed opportunity – if he was a hunk that Nyssa, say, could take a shine to, that would give his unveiling as an android some dramatic weight. As it is, because Bigon is just an old git nobody really gives a toss. Bigon’s really an Android! So what? It’s a revelation that not only has less storytelling impact than it could, it comes far too early in the story. And the bloke who plays him is one of those actors who clearly just doesn’t get Who – he oscillates between being incredibly wooden or overacting dreadfully.

dwm four doomsday

On the plus side acting-wise there’s Paul Shelley – future narrator of You Are What You Eat – doing what Paul Darrow always fails to do, subtly underplaying the role whilst still managing to be ever so slightly sinister with it. And his experience on Doctor Who doubtless came in handy years later when dealing with the equally monstrous Gillian McKeith, someone else with a God Complex who thinks their mission is to save humanity from themselves…

There is a dramatic story to be told about an alien coming to Earth in order to pose as God and thereby dupe humanity en masse. That concept forms the basis of the theory that the Vatican has a secret plan to reveal that God is really an alien. This sort of Nephilim inspired stuff has always been good box office, from Erich Von Daniken to Dan Brown and more recent books like Petrus Romanus and Exo Vaticana. You can imagine the New Series possibly tackling a story like that, but the BBC in 1982? Not a chance and so we got this instead.




Four to Doomsday by Ben Willsher DWM


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