The Tenth Planet

Normally new edits go up on a Fan Edit Friday, but, since it’s Easter, I thought we’d have a Mondas Monday instead and upload the original Dr Who resurrection story – The Tenth Planet!

Doctor Who Big Finish Tenth Planet

Tenth Planet Radio Times

The Moonbase is a far better version of the same adventure, but aside from all the other claims to fame the original version has – Hartnell’s final story, the first appearance of the Cybermen,  regeneration #1, the missing episode four – it`s arguably Doctor Who`s first BUS story – Base Under Seige. Only trouble is the Cybermen have to attack twice in order to pad the story out to four episodes! If I could I would have condensed both attacks into one but the latter has too many references to the rocket so I simply had to resort to cutting back the bits in between to the bare minimum.

complete-history-27Hartnell is absent for episode three but here he just has a bit of a wobbly rather than getting packed off to one of the soldiers` bunk beds for a bit of a kip. And speaking of soldiers, it`s a great pity that Sergeant from Brooklyn snuffs it so early on, I would have liked to have seen him make it to episode four and maybe come back as part of the Cyb`s second attack, totally de-humanised and partially converted. Shiver!

And that`s the real shame about this story, quite aside from it`s notoriety for the reasons we all know. The themes and motifs are there but the story doesn’t have nearly enough of the “You will be like Us” stuff that would make the Cybs such a memorable monster with Bill`s successor. The whole conversion side of the their nature isn’t really developed at all in this first story, as if Pedler and Davis haven’t quite realised what they’ve come up with.

What they should have emphasised was the zombie-esque nature of the Men From Mondas, the whole hollowed-out shell of humanity type thing. Here they’re not so much concerned with the conversion that would later become their hallmark, although it is mentioned in passing. Instead Pedler and Davis seem to be emphasising the vampiric nature of their desire for energy. The whole concept of the Cybs being dependent on Mondas for energy and Mondas itself being dependent on absorbing that energy from other planets is a supernatural idea, not a scientific one. And Pedler was a scientist, so that’s a strange story choice to make.

And at this point I’d like to digress just for a moment…

Let’s go on a journey, not through the dimensions of Space or Time, but the dimension of Imagination. Let’s travel to the Crossover Universe and think about Space: 1999 and Message From Moonbase Alpha… now, am I the only one whose Fan Brain made the connection and thought “ooh, what if Terra Alpha was actually Mondas?” That would mean that the human crew of  the stranded Moonbase [yet more crossover potential there if you think about it!] did finally make it back to Earth… just not in the way that they’d hoped they would! I love the notion that Cyberleader Krang is the remains of Commander Koenig…

Tenth Planet CDAnyway, back in the Non-Crossover Universe, this half-formed concept of a supernatural, vampiric nature to the Cybermen might have worked well with the original skull-like cloth-faced designs but it wouldn’t have given the metal meanies the storytelling longevity that they’ve enjoyed thanks to the better concept of forcible conversion.

There’s a lot more dramatic potential in scientific advances leading to an unintended dehumanisation of mankind than supernatural vampirism that just wants to suck all the life out of you. The whole idea of Mondas somehow absorbing too much energy and melting and the Cybs being dependent on that energy is just bonkers.  Mind you, it does give you the rather striking sequence where the Cybs “melt” but it’s just as well the idea was never revisited as it’s all a bit bollocks  and easily on a par with the Daleks` plan for a Planet With A Bloody Big Engine In It. 

I`ve often wondered if Tenth Planet would be half as interesting if all four episodes existed. It`s a pretty poor show, even by the B-Movie standards of the Fifties and regarding it as the Doctor Who equivalent of Plan Nine From Outer Space is maybe a bit harsh. But not much.

Back when Doctor Billy’s journey began, I pointed out that he can be seen as a Gandalf figure in that JRR Tolkien meets CS Lewis mashup that is The Doctor, The Teachers and The Wardrobe or, to give it its better known title, An Unearthly Child. And if that’s an acceptable point of view, then this story is Hartnell’s equivalent of The Bridge of Khazad-dum,  with the Cybermen [or to be strictly accurate, Mondas] as The Balrog. But where Gandalf The Grey came back as Gandalf The White, Hartnell will regenerate into Troughton… or is that an analogy too far?

This was another of those Fan Edits that I went back and redid from scratch when the story came out on DVD. The original version was done from the VHS release, with clips from the existing episodes re-used to cover for the missing bits of part four where possible. The result was somewhat akin to dubbed version but it worked well enough. However, once the story was released on DVD it was time to head back to the South Pole…

I did wonder what difference using the animated part four would make to the running time, but this second version is just a full minute shorter than the first one. The animation is much better here than the rubbish we got with Reign of Terror but it still annoyed me that they didn’t recreate the existing 8mm footage accurately. To me, as I’ve said before, that is the whole bloody point of the exercise but Dan Hall let Planet 55 get away with it again.

space and time mondas cyberman

As for the Cybermen themselves, they`re a bit of a crap design, and though they admittedly do sort of work in Adrian Salmon Land, personally I much prefer the Moonbase versions. They never use that ruddy great lamp on top of their heads for a start and the sellotape holding their helmets together? That was really obvious even on VHS and it’s even worse now the eps have been VidFire`d.  And, just to digress for one moment, exciting though it was to see one in colour in An Adventure In Space And Time, was I the only one disappointed by how inaccurate their faces were? Matthew Savage did a really nice steampunk type redesign which looks so much better…

mondas cyberman matthew savage

A minor niggle I know, but it’s not as if they didn’t have enough reference photos to notice that the silver around the mouth is too thick and the stuff around the eyes is too thin. Where was Mark Gaytits that day, eh?

But getting back to Tenth Planet, the worst thing about The Metal Men From  Mondas is those bloody awful voices! Fixing them was the most satisfying part of the whole edit first time round, involving chopping up each of the sound files to remove all those elongated vowels and stretching the resultant clip to lower the pitch of the voice. But this time round, I’ll be honest, I simply couldn’t be arsed.

So, for  a story that’s all about the need for new sources of energy to extend your lifespan, with Mondas as an early version of Axos, sucking the life out of every planet it comes across, though God only knows how, it’s interesting to think that maybe, just maybe, Mondas somehow absorbed enough energy from The Doctor to trigger his regeneration…

Tenth Planet DWMTenth Planet by Ben Willsher DWM500TENTH PLANET CD REAR


15 thoughts on “The Tenth Planet

  1. Good stuff… a much more dignified exit for Hartnell. Makes a world of difference having “It’s far from being all over!” immediately before the regeneration

      • In the script, his last lines were to be said in the TARDIS, and were something along the lines of “I will not submit, I will fight it!” but they ran out of time.

  2. Fantastic! I think it’s the best Hartnell edit and the one I’ll watch whenever I come back to this story. It’s now very slick and it’s nice to have the actual filmed regeneration scene too.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article. Although I agree with you that the Moonbase Cyb’s are better, there is something about the Tenth Planet ones that make the whole concept creepy for me. They have very human like features, they still have human hands, and they are just a bit of an upgrade from our human form while the Moonbase Cyb’s have nothing human about them left. Also, in the audio story ‘spare parts’ with Peter Davidson, I think that really helped to understand the origins a lot more compared to the Tenth Planet.

    On another note, how do I watch the edit? For some reason it won’t open with anything on my Mac 😦

    • Hi Carlie, thanks for getting in touch.
      I think the whole “human cyborg zombie” vibe of the Metal Men From Mondas is deffo the thing to play up with them. Looking forward to their return, just hope we can see their eyes! Looks from the pics like they are wearing flesh-coloured gloves instead of human hands, which is a bit disappointing but the less bulky chest unit and no sellotape is an improvement!

      If you’re on a Mac you will have to convert the DivX file to an MP4 to be able to watch it. I’m a PC guy meself and refuse to have anything to do with the Electronic Empire of Evil! Hope you enjoy the edit when you finally get to see it!

  4. I’m watching this in anticipation of Twice Upon A Time, and it’s a great warm-up, the edits are quite good, getting to episode 4 in half the time was really impressive, didn’t notice much missing at all. There was a very brief moment where the music from the first invasion seemed to overlap when Cutler was talking, but otherwise it was quite well stitched together.

    • Going by Twitter it seems these scenes are part of the Doctor Who Extra that’s on the DVD, but it’ll just be the BTS footage. It won’t be a proper Deleted Scenes Extra that could be incorporated into a fan edit. Still, any extra TTP footage is a bonus.
      Worst case scenario it’ll be on the S11 DVDBoxSet which we’ll have to wait a year for.

      I would gladly have lost all that bollocks about guitars, smacked bottoms and brandy for more TTP!!!

  5. We managed to catch up on our viewing of classic Who so that we saw “Tenth Planet” just before “Twice Upon a Time”! Your edit is a tight, lean way to take in the story. Well done!

    I’m thinking of an edit of my own for “Twice.” I thought it was terrific just as it was, but I would make a few changes to try to make it feel like an actual Hartnell storyline:

    1) Make the whole story black-and-white, and in two half-hour installments.

    2) Replace the opening titles with Hartnell’s.

    3) Cut out any double-entendres which, while not unusual for modern prime-time TV, wouldn’t have been part of a 1960s children’s television show.

    4) Cut down on the controversial lines that made the First Doctor come off as more sexist than he actually was.

    Mind you, it’s not a criticism to say that this felt like a Twelfth Doctor story; it *was* a Twelfth Doctor story and should feel like that. But it is fun to play a game of “What if…?” For that matter, I’d make the special effects dodgier if I knew how!

    I’m guessing you probably have some similar ideas, and I look forward to seeing whatever you come up with whenever you decide to tackle this one!

    • I do have plans, yes. I’ve already done a rough cut, so just waiting for the DVD to do it properly…

      I think the ultimate version would be to CG Hartnell’s head onto Bradley’s and have his lines dubbed by John Guilor, but since that ain’t a realistic option we’ll have to stick to a fan edit!

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