The End of Time

Now that the Golden Anniversary Year is over and we’ve said goodbye to Dr Smiffy and hello to Dr Capaldi, what better time than now, on the first day of The Next Fifty Years, to upload a Fan Edit that’s been waiting for this day for nearly two years…


Exactly four years ago today, we said goodbye to Dr Ten-Inch, and we didn’t want him to go either. But now his successor has gone too, so New Year’s Day 2014 seems like the right time to upload a 2011 Fan Edit of the story where one of them left and the other one arrived…

Until very recently, the hardest Fan Edits of all to do were New Series episodes. There`s so much of Murray Gold`s music in them that it can make it really obvious when there`s been a cut made. And that means I don`t do many of them as all you`re really able to do is to make trims here and there as opposed to the wholesale cutting of scenes that you can do with the Classic Series stuff. But, Classic or New, where the end of one story leads straight into the start of the next one I always enjoy joining the two together. So the idea of joining the end of The End of Time to the start of The Eleventh Hour was too great a temptation to resist. That part was always going to be easy, the difficult bit was the join between part one and part two of The End of Time. In the end it turned out to be less hassle than I anticipated, just a simple cross fade of the two music cues [which fitted pretty seamlessly] across the join.

The other reason for doing this Fan Edit was to fix the rubbish RTD retcon to do with Donna remembering the Doctor. I mean I`m not against retcons in principle, indeed I`ve done enough of them myself elsewhere but this was a clear case of RTD writing himself into a corner, the silly welsh tart. In part one the Doctor reiterates what will happen if Donna remembers him but then in part two it`s ok `cos he put a defence mechanism in her head that he never mentioned before. So why make such a fuss about her remembering in the first place? Sorry but it`s complete bollocks so in this version, Donna Noble sleeps through the return of Gallifrey and becoming part of The Master Race, doesn`t phone Gramps and misses it all again. Which is what RTD should have done, the pillock.

So having done the hardest bit, joining the two halves together, it was time to go back and start with part one. The initial opening was a real pain in the arse to edit. I wanted to stick with Lucy and The Master as much as possible and cut the other stuff to the bare minimum and that took several attempts to get right but the Doctor arriving on Earth too late was always going to lead into the titles.

Most of part one survives intact apart from some trims to the cafe scene, the silver cloak and the scene where the Master devours the turkey, the close ups for which were a bit gross even for me. At about thirty-five minutes in we hit the bridging section which I had edited beforehand and Rassilon and his chums turn up about three minutes later.

The End of Time by Erich0823 on DeviantArtThe main thing to notice when Rassilon appears is that I`ve blacked out Timothy Dalton`s spit – it was only a couple of dozen frames in total so no hardship to do. Which begs the question, why didn`t RTD get the Mill to do the same? I don’t know about you but every time I watch it the only thing I`m paying attention to is not Tim`s performance but the sheer volume of saliva that`s shooting out of his gob, all of which has helpfully been backlit to help make it easier to spot… But not in this version!

Into part two and aside from some minor trims most of the stuff that got cut was aboard the space ship. The most troublesome sequence was where the Master sends his clones to find the diamond. Finding a music cue to cover the join was a real pain in the arse but we got there in the end – it`s the end of “The Master Suite” from the Specials soundtrack CD in case you`re wondering. By this point we`re up to about fifty-three minutes and we need to get a move on so, although it`s a nice scene between the Doctor and Wilf, all we really need is for Wilf to offer the Doctor the gun and then we`re off!

The battle with the missiles gets cut back a bit but not too much and we lose the Gallifrey scenes, which are blatant padding. And so to the finale, with Rassilon and his chums make their first appearance since sending the diamond. There are a few trims here, particularly to the bit where the Doctor has the gun and you`re wondering who he`s going to shoot. Now he only points it at the Master.

I should mention that the Doctor`s old mum, if that`s who she is, gets cut out completely from this edit. She doesn`t put in a single appearance and I think the edit`s all the better for it. Of course, that meant having to remove Wilf`s reference to her at the wedding too, but I`m getting ahead of myself…

With Gallifrey gone, the Doctor takes a trip to get Donna`s Lottery ticket before turning up at the wedding to say goodbye. But then where does he go? Well, I never was sold on all those cameos for the former companions, so in this edit, he only visits one person before he dies. Now seriously, out of all of them, if he`s only got enough time to visit one, who do you think he would choose? Of course, who else could it be…

The only thing with this sequence was that I had to run the original mute with “Vale Decem” playing over the top as the original soundtrack clashed horribly. For timing reasons, to fit with the scenes either side, the dissonance between the two music cues was horrible and it was clear that, even adjusting the levels, there was no way that the two pieces of music would fit together. In all honesty I think it works better, and the scene doesn`t really need dialogue anyway. If anything I think it`s got more emotional impact than the original version.

And then it`s on to the regeneration itself and straight into the opening of The Eleventh Hour. It`s a brilliant sequence and I`m really pleased with the way the end of “I Am The Doctor” joins the Tardis scene to Amy`s bedtime prayers. I was always going to end on her reaction to seeing the Doctor for the first time and I think it`s a good strong final shot as we go into the end titles.

The very last thing to do was the opening recap before we get started on the story itself. I knew I wanted Carmen`s prophecy in there and a bit of the very end of The Waters of Mars with the Ood in the snow and it took several hours before I figured out which bits fitted best. Listen out for the way the Cloister Bell times in with the same section of the “I Am The Doctor” cue that we end with. It wasn`t my intention to use it to bookend the show but it`s a great cue and musically, signifies that we`re on the eve of the Eleventh Doctor.

And that`s it, at just under an hour and a half it`s Doctor Who The Movie II – The End of Time!



14 thoughts on “The End of Time

  1. Oh, man, this is the edit I myself have done three different times now, desperate to find a way to get it right. I recently got my hands on the scoreless audio track, so I was able to cut all the scenes I wanted, from taking out the Woman, the montage of companions (save Donna), the Ood entirely, the Master’s hunger and the Doctor’s struggle over who to shoot (which we did very much the same way, actually!)

    Now, of course, I’d like to do it a fourth time with footage from “the Day of the Doctor” included…

    • Yes, recently found those unscored tracks myself. Have a full set now so may well do more New Series edits in future!

  2. Hey can you move this file off rapidshare as it requires payments now and i don’t download files often enough for this to be worthwhile but i really want to download this file and three doctors, if this isnt possible anyone know of another way i can download it?

      • Thank you, will you eventually move all the ones from rapidhsare onto other sites? as i was interested in watching Arc of Infinity (not seen original) but again its on rapidshare

      • can you not access any of the Rapid ones? Blimey, it’ll take some time to move `em all over.
        Oh well, bear with me and be patient!

  3. it says i have to pay for an account, no free membership now, which is a shame

    okay thanks i’ll be patient 🙂

    • If I have to move everything over to Oboom and Mega, that’s going to take time as there are over 150 edits listed on this site! Bugger.

      Arc has been uploaded to Mega so you should be able to get that one now no bother. And if you feel inclined to say nice things about it after you’ve watched it, go ahead! If there are any others you particularly want to see use the “Contact” page.

  4. Watched this tonight in preparation for Death in Heaven and really, really enjoyed it. It’s been a couple of years since I watched End of Time and I remember loving it, even though it obviously had its flaws.
    It’s only watching this edit that you realise how much flab there was – the hungry Master, the Doctor’s mother (was this meant to lead somewhere?), Donna’s memories coming back…
    I must admit I miss the companion roll call, but that’s all down to personal preference. The final shot of SJS was even more devastating however.
    It’s funny how out of the last two regeneration stories, the transmitted Time of the Doctor actually feels more like a fan edit (have yet to watch your version!).

    • Yeah, the Doctor’s Momma – wtf was all that about? I’m sure Wilf would have been motivated enough to get involved without her prompting him. Cutting the stuff you mentioned, and other failed plot elements like them, is the whole point of Fan Editing – to come up with the version that you best prefer and this is mine. If you like the roll call, you can keep it, if you don’t you can cut it. It’s immensely liberating and helps fans max out on the enjoyment the show gives us. And if you liked End of Time I think you’ll enjoy Time of the Doctor too!

  5. Another fine edit from you mate. I love how you joined parts one and two, the soundtrack mix wasn’t out of step at all, neither was the transition from “Time” to “Eleventh Hour”.

    I always like looking over your versions before I do mine in case we have similar ideas or if you’ve done something first and done it better.

  6. Heya, I was wondering if you would have another crack at the End of Time edit? It has indeed been seven years since the version you’ve got up right now

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