Arc of Infinity

Doctor Who Big Finish Arc Infinity

Arc of Infinity is an exercise in continuity porn that completely misses the point. Omega’s costume is wrong for a start, and where the hell did he get a Tardis from? The ever-helpful Hedin The Gullible? And why the hell does it need to be Omega anyway?

Fan Editing is all about improving the presentation of the source material but sometimes it proves impossible to get rid of things you either don`t need or want. In this instance, the infamous Cosmic Chicken would be one of them and “Impulse Laser?” would be another. But this was probably the first Edit where I was conscious of not cutting it back too much, something I’d felt I’d done on prior edits, which I subsequently had to redo. Even if you don`t like something, if the story doesn`t work without it, or the cut to the next scene is just too abrupt, then you need to leave it in. Sometimes you just can`t cut that bridging scene that adds nothing to the story.

doctor-who-complete-history-39The danger is that, because you`re so familiar with the story, your fan brain will tend to fill in any gaps in the Edit because you know all the bits that are missing. So it can still all make sense to you, whereas someone else might be left scratching their head, wondering what happened. So when editing, I always try and keep in mind the idea that it`s going to be watched by someone who`s not familiar with the source material at all. I don`t know if anyone has ever watched one of my Edits before seeing the TX version, but if they have I hope they`ll still get the story and come to view the DVD as simply the extended version!


One thing I learned over the previous fifty-odd Edits prior to this one, was to not allow yourself to be restricted by a desire to make things as short as possible; you need to allow the story to tell itself at its own pace. On this occasion, four parts edited down to 51 minutes instead of the more usual 45, but that doesn`t mean that it`s still too long. Each story is different and there is a point where you cut too much and disrupt the narrative. The idea is that the story still works without the stuff that doesn`t advance it. So here`s how many minutes from each episode ended up in the final edit: Part One : fourteen, Part Two : eleven, Part Three : twelve, Part Four : fourteen

Having completed the 71 Edit, the next thing to do was to put in all the additional music cues to cover the joins, giving me a 72 Edit. Again, having the isolated music track makes editing these JNT Era stories some of the easiest to do. And it can be one of the most rewarding parts of the creative process, involving lots of careful cross-fading and combining of different cues, sometimes from different episodes.

I did think about including the CG FX from the DVD but in the end I reckoned that, great though they are, all the work it would require to incorporate them simply wasn’t worth the hassle. And so this Fan Edit is the story as it TX’d. And if I could have replaced Omega mk2 with the original Omega  I would have!

arc of infinity covers





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