The Death Zone


This the second of our mini-edits of The Five Doctors, this time collecting together all the Dr Jon and Sarah sequences to tell the story from Doctor Three’s point of view.

We open with the title sequence from Season Eleven, Jon’s last, which saw the arrival of the mk1 version of the classic Bernard Lodge slit-scan sequence, which has never been bettered after all these years.

Since Pat’s version was called The Dark Tower, Jon’s had to be called The Death Zone and there are only a few minor trims from the TX Version, which once again is the original as broadcast, not the Special Edition.

I did think about doing a Hurndall Version as well, but in the end, since he wasn’t “really” the Doctor, I decided to give that one a miss. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you taking inspiration from what I’ve done and creating that version yourself!





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