The Dark Tower

To kick off our current run of Fan Edits that will take us up to The Fiftieth Anniversary Special and beyond, I thought we’d start with an alternate take on the Twentieth Anniversary Special,  The Five Doctors!

And before you ask, yes, you will get to see the Fan Edit of that story before 23.11.2013! This, however, is a little something to be getting on with – it’s simply all the Pat Troughton scenes joined together, edited as if it’s a Pat T episode instead of a Peter D one. Which is why it’s in Black and White.

We open with UNIT HQ and the Brig and Crichton’s chinwag and once Pat and The Brig get snatched we see Jon getting taken too, but only because it was too dramatic a jump to go straight to the “Charming spot, Doctor…!” scene. After that, it’s Pat and Nick all the way to the tower, and once Pat meets his other selves it’s all as per TV and we end with the Brig’s “splendid fellows” line.

If you’ve ever wondered what all Pat Troughton’s bits of The Five Doctors would be like edited together then wonder no more! The whole thing runs just over the length of a single Classic Series episode.





In this post I would like to acknowledge


for once again helping with the ongoing cost of hosting all these files, which I am slowly starting to re-upload. So if there’s one that you want to see that’s not available – be patient, it soon will be!


4 thoughts on “The Dark Tower

  1. Very well done, I can see why you chose the original Timescoop. I noticed you improved the distance views of the Dark Tower;)

    1. cheers Daniel, glad you liked it. Since the central conceit was redoing it as a contemprary Troughton Era story, the original seemed a better choice.

  2. I like that – now with The Dastarii Experiment we have two ‘Season 6B’/What if Troughton took the lead again in the 80s’ Second Doctor stories. Would ‘The Black Hole’ work I wonder?

    I will say there are obviously huge chunks of story left out that might confuse newcomers, the adventures are not as separate as first thought! This is coming from someone who;s’ probably watched some form of ‘The Five Doctors’ or other 100x over the last 14 years. I noticed no Fourth Doctor – is Tom still in your new 2part edit? Still State of Decay?

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