The Bells of Saint John


I know I said we would be taking a break until series seven part two was over but for some reason I found myself Fan Editing the first episode only a few hours after it TX`d…

… but then, since this follows on from The Snowmen, which I`ve also edited, I think they make a nice double bill. And no, I didn`t include the prequel, as The Doctor bumping into Clara when she was a kid is just too obvious. I did toy with the idea of a “Previously…” pre-credits sequence but decided against it in the end, as it would just have been clips of Clara and we get all that anyway during the Doctor`s phone call with her at the start.

doctor-who-complete-history-42New Series edits are not something I`m that keen on as they are, in general, very difficult to do, mainly due to Murray Gold`s music being so prevalent throughout the episode that it usually makes it too obvious that there`s been a cut made. But with this one I managed to cover the joins pretty successfully I think. The edit runs to about 36m, meaning we`ve tightened things up by about 9m without losing any of the plot, which is quite a lot for a New Series episode.

Apart from the pre-credits sequence, which gets cut altogether so we can discover what`s going on along with the Doctor, everything`s still all in there, things just happen that little bit quicker, which is one of the liberating things about not having to work to a timeslot. The edit had fourteen separate cuts made to it to bring it down to that shorter running time.




4 thoughts on “The Bells of Saint John

  1. My edit of this included the Clara minisode, I tried to synch it up with the first time we see present day Clara but I was never satisfied with the Murray gold transitions, your approach was way more sensible.

    1. thank zariusii, glad you liked it. Eleven meeting little Clara on the swings was just too contrived for my liking so there was never any question of me including it

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