The Snowmen


For me, this was the best of all the Xmas Specials we’ve had to date, but there’s still room for a Fan Editor to make a few tweaks to make it even better! That’s one of the great things about Fan Editing, it allows you to come up with your own personal “best” version of any given story, and for The Snowmen, this is mine. And with Jenna Louise Coleman, Ian McKellen, Richard E Grant, Madam Vastra, Jenny & Strax – what’s not to like!

It wasn’t until I’d finished editing the story that I realised that this was my one hundredth Fan Edit, and I was really pleased it turned out to be one of my favourite stories of the New Series. Another reason for editing it was that, unlike previous Xmas Specials, it doesn’t look like this one is going to get a “vanilla” release of its own…

There were actually very few cuts I wanted to make to the story, and even after multiple viewings I’m still convinced they’re the right ones to make. The first one was to lose the whole Dr Simeon prologue. One, we don’t need it, two it makes the later appearance of the Snowmen with the Doctor and Clara less effective as we’ve already seen them. So we open with Clara coming out of the pub, spotting the Snowman and we’re straight into the story!

doctor-who-complete-history-42Next thing to do was the title sequence. I like this one a lot better than its predecessor but I still think the music is shite so I’ve replaced it with the, slightly edited to make it fit, Series Four version, which I still think is the one to beat. And until Murray Gold comes up with a better version than that one, it’s the one I’ll be sticking to for all my New Series Fan Edits, thank you very much.

We lose the confrontation scene between Simeon and Vastra as I felt it added nothing to the story. It’s really just a foreshadowing of the later scene between the Doctor and Simeon and, since both scenes are very similar, I felt we only really needed one of them. Also, if Jenny & Vastra make their first real appearance after Clara tries to find the ladder, I think that makes for a much stronger entrance.

The next cut, and the one that really jumped out at me on first transmission, was Clara climbing the staircase to the Tardis, only to run away without confronting the Doctor. Sorry, but given Clara’s pursuit of the Doctor when he was in the coach, I just don’t believe that’s what she’d do. For her to go to all that trouble to just run away again just makes no sense. And if she can reach the ladder herself, I think it rather diminishes the significance of the Doctor giving her the umbrella later on. Apart from anything else, I think one staircase sequence is enough, don’t you?

The only other minor cuts were that we don’t need to know that Madam Vastra drinks blood and Simeon’s flashback gets rejigged slightly into Black & White as a nod to the two Yeti stories, since this is their prequel. And, speaking of prequels, no I didn’t include either of the two prequels as both “The Great Detective” or “Vastra Investigates” are a bit shite. Much better that we discover what the Doctor’s been up to at the same time as Clara.

I love the metallic blue Tardis set that debuts in this story, so much better than its copper predecessor but I’d like there to have been some sort of explanation for the change. That would have made a nice prequel, I mean, I know The Moff knows we’re clever enough to work out that the Doctor changed it because it reminded him too much of Amy Pond but just something acknowledging the reason for the change would, to me, have been nice.

And finally, does anybody else think that AudioGo should get Ian McKellen to read the audiobook of The Web of Fear?

As usual Whoflix will be taking a break while the new series is transmitting and will return in late May when the current eight episode run is over.


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2 thoughts on “The Snowmen

  1. Just took a gander at this (working on my own edit of this one), very pleased with the omissions you’ve made. All the necessary stuff is still there, and I quite like that we see Vastra and Jenny, with them being held off until much later. One thing present in these specials is so much padding and too much of the same thing in the conversations and spectacle. Let the sights and sounds speak just the once Moff!

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