The Power of Kroll

Doctor Who Big Finish Power of Kroll

“and now, here on BBC One, Doctor Who continues his search for The Key To Time…

With four segments now in their possession, and with only two left to find, The Doctor and Romana arrive on the swamp world of Delta Magna where they must find a way to defeat… The Power of Kroll.”

power of kroll coversKroll is one of those stories that seems like it was meant to be an episode of Blake’s Seven but ended up getting made for Who instead. You can just imagine Blake, Avon and Vila teleporting down to help put the mockers on whatever scheme the Federation have got going on and help the Swampies rebel in the process.  But instead we get Tom Baker in a pair of waders and Terry Walsh proving once more why he’s a stuntman and not an actor. Neil McCarthy [Sam from Catweazle series 1] makes quite a good villain as Thawn, but I’d still rather he and Philip Madoc had swapped roles.

complete-history-19This was a fairly simple edit, the key to which was getting rid of Rohm Dutt during Kroll’s first appearance. That allowed me to cut out all that nonsense with the Doctor doing his dodgy opera singer routine and dispensed with the need for all those padding scenes in the refinery. Once the Doctor has rescued Romana, all he has to do is get back to the refinery to convert old squid face back into the fifth segment.

And so, with five out of the six stories edited, that only leaves me with one more to go. Ribos, Pirate Planet and Stones were each completed over two days, with Tara and Kroll only taking a day each. However, something tells me that The Armageddon Factor is going to be a bit more of a challenge than this one was!

power kroll dwm




4 thoughts on “The Power of Kroll

  1. This is a great edit, but there seems to be an error about halfway through. For some reason, during the scene when Kroll first attacks the refinery, the captain fella keeps talking while John Leeson and the other guy go to deal with it, including some weird crossfading thing, and it carries over into the scene where the Doctor and Romana are talking on the hill, followed by about two minutes of blank screen before it picks up again.

    1. Damn!

      I`ve checked the edit and I know what`s happened and it`s bloody annoying.

      It looks like a series of linked clips have been moved along the timeline, causing the earliest of them to crash into a scene that it should have followed. That`s why you get that very long crossfade and then a blank screen.

      Apologies for not spotting this before uploading the file but I`m fixing it now.

      It should take a couple of hours to re-export, convert and upload but it will be back up later today.

      1. That took bloody ages to fix and get back up again –

        First thing was to find a point just before and just after the “glitch” where I could insert the original footage again. Luckily I remembered what the scenes were when I came to put them back in and there were no really complicated cuts to have to recreate.

        Exported the mk2 edit as an AVi, checked it, everything was fine, so converted it to DivX, checked it…

        and what do I find but a bloody one frame glitch in the DivX file that wasn`t there on the AVI – WTF?

        So had to go back to the AVI, cut out a frame or two from the start of Haarg getting “sucked” into the pipe, export that as another AVI then convert that to DivX, check that and luckily everything was fine and then upload it to Rapidshare!

        Seven hours that took me, seven bloody hours!

        So the moral of the story is – always check your edits one more time all the way through before you upload them for people to see!

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