The Mark of the Rani


mark of the rani covers

When it came to fan editing The Mark of The Rani, possibly the closest the TV version of Sixie gets to being properly Doctor-ish, this is the 74 Edit and right up until the 73 Edit the opening was the deleted scene where Peri tries on her new dress. In the TX version the whole Tardis opening section seemed a little rushed and, although I liked the deleted stuff, in the end the drop in picture quality [I had to zoom in to get rid of the timecode at the bottom of the screen] was just too noticeable. It really pulled you out of the story and so I reluctantly left it out, settling instead for cutting the initial bath house scene in half so I could get rid of yet another of Sixie’s tedious outbursts – the “malfunctioning?” one.

Another thing I cut out was the Master doing his “Worzel Gummidge” impression so that our first glimpse of him is when they close the gate, giving him what I think is a much more effective entrance. All in all we manage to cover part one in half an hour, shaving 15m of padding off the original.

Come part two and, whilst it’s impossible to do anything about the infamous foam tree that once was Luke I was able to cut out the nonsense with the Doctor getting strung up between two more of them. So here, Peri takes the Master and the Rani to the mine, gets nobbled and next thing the Doctor turns up. In this version, whatever the Doctor did to stop the miners getting turned into trees now happens off screen, which I think is for the best, don’t you? One can only assume that the Doctor also collected up all the Rani’s devices and deactivated them before rejoining Peri!

2016 UPDATE:

We originally ended with the Master and the Rani trapped in the Tardis, leaving them to their fate. I felt that was a much more dramatic ending than the usual tag scene, which wasn’t particularly good. But following some feedback from Zycron, I looked again at the ending and felt that I was wrong to cut out the tag scene after all, and so I reinstated it. Otherwise, this 2016 version is exactly the same as its 2012 predecessor, two forty-five minute episodes become the equivalent of two twenty-five minute episodes and the story of Doktah Hoo Up Nurth: Mark O’ Tha Granny, remains a lot more watchable as a result, like. Aye.

Mark Rani DWM



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2 thoughts on “The Mark of the Rani

  1. Brilliant – your editing made this into watchable Doctor Who again. The only thing I would have left in (!) was the scene at the end where the Doctor explains how to use the fluid to cure the workers. After all the fuss over it, it’s a bit rushed to leave the resolution offscreen.

    1. Having looked at it again, I think you’re right so I’ve updated the edit to add the closing scenes back in at the end!

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