The Sensorites

Doctor Who Big Finish Sensorites
complete-history-21The Sensorites was one of the few stories that I wasn’t looking forward to Editing. When I watched it for the first time I nearly gave up half way through and wondered for ages how on earth I could edit it down, especially the first two episodes. I was halfway through editing The Key To Time season when suddenly I had an idea of how I could make it work. And so I took a break after The Stones of Blood to tackle this Season One story before I went back to Season Fifteen and The Androids of Tara

The first problem was the fact that the reprise of the closing moments of The Aztecs is completely different. There was no way you could join the two versions together without it being obvious that the Tardis crew have suddenly teleported to the other side of the console! The answer was to cut away to the Sensorite examining the Ship’s lock. Sometimes re-ordering the material like this is the only way to get around these sorts of problems. And there’s more of that to come later…

When we cut back we’re into the follow on from the episode one version of the scene and the next problem was how to cut out the captions. They appear over a static shot of the Tardis console so the answer was to find a point where the lights on the console were in the same place, before and after the captions, so I could make a smooth cross-fade between the two and so cover the cut.

sensorites covers

Sensorites by Ben Willsher DWM444Next I hit on the idea of Ian spotting the Sensorite at the window just moments after they exited the Ship. It not only gives us a nice dramatic moment before the opening titles, it gets us straight into the story. When we come back after the titles you’ll notice that the material from the first two episodes has been almost completely re-ordered. Most of this was to make sense of the Doctor’s encounter with the Sensorites, which mentions both the Molybdenum and the Tardis lock. Since it was impossible to remove the references to those two things I had to make sure the sequences featuring them were in the edit before we got to this scene, though quite how the Sensorites manage to nick the lock when they’re only a few feet away from the humans is beyond me! All of this cutting and changing the order of the scenes means we cover episodes one and two in the first fifteen minutes.

The Sensorites by Adrian Salmon - DWM 284

Episode three presented no real problems but in episode four there’s a cracker of a boom mic in shot when the Doctor is talking to Carol, so I zoomed in slightly on that shot to get rid of it. I also cut the audio of the initial Disintegrator Scene to make the scene flow faster. 

Once the Doctor gets rescued from his abortive first investigation of the aqueduct, the main aim of the edit was to get him back there as quickly as possible! One of the big problems with the story is that the ending falls very flat – Victoria`s Dad gets zapped and… well, that’s about it really. We don’t even see the City Administrator get unmasked and make one final speech justifying his actions. To liven things up a bit I added a brief glow effect, only three frames, to the moment when John Bailey gets shot. As for the end Tardis scene itself, I reused a cue from earlier in the story and ended on a freeze frame and a caption for the next story to give the ending a bit more impact.

Sensorites DWM




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