Frontier In Space

The first half of the 12 part epic The Space War is famous for two things: for being The One With Jon`s Favourite Monsters, the very Japanese-y Draconians, and Roger Delgado`s last turn as The Master. One thing it`s not famous for is it`s rattling good storyline. Mainly because it hasn’t got one. This is possibly the most tedious Dr Who story ever and the fact that I’ve managed to get six episodes down to under 59 minutes tells you all you need to know about how engaging the plot is and how bloody long it takes to get going!

We start with the scene between the Draconian Ambassador and the Lady President, which in the TX version actually comes after the Dr & Jo land on the freighter. Here they get swapped around – the convo between the two politicians tells the audience everything they need to know, meaning all that hallucination stuff with the crew is as much of a mystery to us as it is to the Dr and Jo.

There`s a lot of tedious buggering about on spaceships that`s been cut, as has all that bollocks on the Moon Penal Colony – yawnsville!

So now The Master turns up and they go to the Moon and collect the Doctor with no fuss whatsoever. Then its off to the Ogron planet, home of the orange mattress monster, and a rendezvous with those pesky pepperpots, which is where the fun really begins! It’s just a shame that Delgado’s last turn as the Master, which wasn’t meant to be his last turn as the Master, gets compromised by the confused and competely cocked-up ending. Still, as far as duff exits go, he got off lightly compared to Colin Baker…

frontier in space dwm.jpg

Since Planet of the Daleks has already been Fan Edited, the addition of Frontier In Space now allows you to watch the whole “epic” adventure of The Space War in just a couple of hours instead of nearly five!





5 thoughts on “Frontier In Space

  1. Just downloaded this and looking forward to watching your edit. I’m also looking forward to seeing ‘Planet’ – once RS lets me get my hands on it!
    P.S. nice work on the Croutons (as the delightful Ms Padbury called it on one of the DVD commentaries!)

  2. Another excellent job on this Pertwee epic. And, after finally getting ‘Planet’ too, I’ve enjoyed the whole saga in one sitting. Great stuff, and thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve still not been able to grab this and a couple other things from Rapidshare have even worked… if you’d consider uploading this to Oboom at your convenience I’d be very grateful! I’ve really enjoyed your edits I’ve watched so far and I always thought the stories where the Master returns (this and Sea Devils) are more effective than the Season 8 ones even if they depend on them to a certain extent.

    1. Aplogies M, I seem to have missed this one. Been uploading so many files lately I suppose it was inevitable something would get skipped. Am uploading it to Mega right now so it will be available soon.

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