The Last Sontaran

Following from last week`s The Sontaran Stratagem, this week we`ve got the Sarah Jane Adventures sequel.

This is one of the few non-Classic Who edits I`ve done but I really liked this one and it`s always a challenge editing around the end of part one and the start of part two. The edit runs just over 45m so not a lot of cuts made and if you look closely you can spot the footage I used to round off the Stratagem edit.

Most of the cuts are to the schmaltz around Maria buggering off to America, which is a bit yawnsville compared to watching Tony O’Donnell’s Kaagh running about. And Maria’s Milf-ish mum Chrissie finally finding out the truth, and promising not to let on about it, is just sublime. What a shame the two of them never made it into the parent show…

And am I the only one who got Ronan Vibert mixed up with Alan Rickman?

anthony o'donnell sontaran kaagh sarah jane


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