The Sontaran Stratagem


This is one of the few New Series Fan Edits that I`ve done and aside from the usual cuts and trims, losing just over half an hour in total over both original episodes, the biggest difference is that I`ve managed to edit round the cliffhanger, which never really convinced me.

This edit also loses pretty much everything that doesn`t revolve directly around the Doctor`s interaction with the Sontarans. We stick to the main plotline in this version, meaning there`s much less of all the other subplots which is what enables us to get the running time down to less than an hour. And the story is all the better for it!

Freema Bootybum is probably my least favourite of all the NS companions despite having a fantastic arse [I think they call it a Bubble Butt] and Donna is my current fave so guess whose scenes were first for the chop? Correctamundo, especially the Duplicate Martha subplot. The Edit stops before Martha gets back on board the Tardis, the closing shot from The Poison Sky being when Donna slaps the Doctor on the arm when Rattigan swap-teleports him back from the Sontaran ship.

Which means, yes, there`s a brand new ending. It`s probably my favourite bit and serves as a perfect lead in to the story`s “sequel” from The Sarah Jane Adventures – The Last Sontaran.

I loved the idea of tying the two stories together and so we end with a compilation sequence showing Kaagh surviving the Sontarans` defeat by the Doctor and the events leading up to Clyde and Luke discovering his ship. It was a very tricky sequence to put together as a lot of the SJA footage had a voice over running on the original so I had to patch the soundtrack from other sources as best I could. We close with a slightly amended version of the original “Next Time” trailer for the story.

All in all, great fun to do and I hope you enjoy this alternate take on the story. Sontar-ha!


4 thoughts on “The Sontaran Stratagem

  1. Ooh, shiny new edit! I like the idea that Martha was a clone all along. Adds a bit of tension that the original version was lacking. And nice use of SJA.

    Question: why are your New Series edits not listed with the rest of them?

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