Resurrection of the Daleks

Having completed my updated version of Revelation of the Daleks, I decided to tackle Resurrection next, which only leaves me with Remembrance to do and I will have Fan Edited all the complete Classic Series Dalek stories. Hooray!

dalek resurrection target books by tea lady designGiven that this was another Eric Saward script, I had no doubt that, like Revelation before it, this too would turn out to be a fairly short edit, since Eric is an even worse writer than he is a script editor.

As usual, my method was to concentrate the narrative around the Doctor`s involvement in the story, only cutting away where we absolutely have to.

For example, I wanted to use the same device that I`d employed on Revelation of having the reveal of the Daleks lead into the opening credits. That meant it takes us less than three and a half minutes to get from when the Tardis lands to when the Dalek appears! Typical Eric, taking bloody ages to get the Doctor involved in the story…

After the credits we resolve the Dalek attack before introducing the space station plotline and alternating between that and the warehouse.

Cutting between three or more plotlines, as Eric does here, doesn`t work as well as cutting between two so there`s a lot of reordering of the material to try and maintain an easier narrative flow, by which I mean easier to follow. So Tegan gets a knock on the head and Colonel Archer goes for an ambulance, only to get done in by Lytton`s fake coppers.

Meanwhile the Daleks attack the space station and the crew prepare to destroy “the prisoner” as the Doctor jumps in the Tardis and the fake Colonel Archer appears. It`s at this point that Davros joins the story and three minutes after that Rodney Bewes reveals he`s a Dalek Agent; and to get to that point, the cliffhanger to the original part two, has taken us less than eighteen minutes!

I then went back and covered all the joins using the isolated soundtrack from the DVD before tackling the final two episodes. There was some more reordering of the material in part three, with scenes from part two in there as well to make sure the edit`s timeline still made sense. Everything was working towards the flashback sequence, that was the point by which all the various plotlines had condensed down to just the two; Davros and the Doctor. I edited as far as the Doctor`s rescue and them all getting into the Tardis, then I stopped and did the flashback sequence.

This involved making up a new clip compilation, resizing it and then overlaying it on top of the original. The final stage was to make a mask of the area around the screen to cover the join. These flashbacks are always great fun to do, if a little time consuming, and I took the opportunity to put in as many clips as I could, as there`s not nearly enough in the original! After that it was a race to the end and the final edit came out at just under 43m, slightly longer than Revelation.

There are two major differences between this Fan Edit and the original.

The first is that there`s no confrontation scene between Davros and the Doctor. I don`t know about you but for me it was never remotely convincing. You never for one moment think that the Doctor is really going to shoot, sorry, execute Davros at point blank range and in cold blood. The minute he tells them that`s what he`s off to do we know that he never will. It`s a completely fake scene dramatically so it had to go.

The other major difference is that there`s a completely different ending… without spoiling it for you, all I will say is that Tegan gets a very different departure scene!

Dalek Resurrection DWM


6 thoughts on “Resurrection of the Daleks

  1. Wow. That was incredible ending. Where’d you get it from? I’ve never seen Resurrection before. Was that a different part of the episode that you moved to the end?

    • Yes, it was a simple relocation of a scene from earlier in the story. The idea first came to me years ago when the story came out on VHS.

      You`ve never seen it before? Really? That`s great – the best way to judge if these Edits really work or not is to have someone who`s never seen the story watch the Fan Edit first. Please write a review Sean, love to know what you thought of it as your first experience of the story!

      • Well, I thought it was an excellent story, all tightened up like that. I agree that Eric Saward seemed to like taking his time to get to the meat of a story most of the time, and I can tell from the get go in those opening scenes that a lot must’ve been cut, because it flows very smoothly.

        One thing I appreciate about your Five-y Edits is that you cut down on Turlough’s less-then-impressive scenes. That was something I appreciated about your “Warriors of the Deep” edit – you took out his rather random decision to abandon the Doctor.

        Tegan’s new ending was a bit startling. Seems a bit tragic that it would happen the minute she gets back to Earth like that. And without the Doctor ever knowing. Adds a real gravity to it. And nice touch with the “Earthshock-style” closing credits.

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  3. Just wanted to say both a thank you for and great work on the edit. The ending was both unexpected, amazing, and worked beautifully. Thank you again for this. Now off to check out some of your other edits.

  4. This is the most “Saward” your edits have ever been with that ending, rofl. It’s very creative and a satisfactory comeuppance for the mouth on legs

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