Castrovalva is just a gibberish one word title that tells you nothing about the story. So since they`re in a Time Machine, hurtling back to the beginning of Time and the Master has set a Trap, what else could I rename this Edit but The Time Trap, which is what it is. Now that`s a much more Who-y title!

It seems a strange decision to start off a brand new Doctor with nothing more than a runaround in the Tardis. Compared to the first episodes of other Doctors, there`s very little of any consequence going on here, no Autons or Giant Robots or Daleks or anything really. It was here that we got our first inkling that JNT was paying too much attention to the tastes of the fans and not enough to storytelling – and that particular chicken would come home to roost only three years down the road.

Bidmead couldn`t tell an interesting story if he tried. For all its many faults at least the Douglas Adams/Graham Williams Era could at least tell a decent story, even if they did it the wrong way tonally. Part one is a very poor opening night with very little reason for Joe Public to tune in for part two. So we have to make the best of what we`ve got, which means getting to the end as quickly as we can!

complete-history-23The story falls into two distinct parts – two episodes of Edge of Destruction mk2 and two episodes of Men In Funny Hats. At one point I did toy with the idea of doing this edit in two parts but decided a single run through to get it over with as quickly as possible was the best approach.

We start with the same reprise of the end of Logopolis as the original but with a major difference. In this version, the Watcher gets absorbed first and then we see Tom change into Peter thanks to the usual cross fade. I mean, WTF? What is the point of having regeneration in the first place if you don`t actually see the moment when one actor changes into another?

Having the whole process obscured by the bloody Watcher is just daft – JNT made the same mistake when Peter regenerated into Colin so I`ve done what he should have and given us a proper changeover. It`s slightly different from the TX Version in that I`ve put in an additional sound effect and fixed the continuity error with Peter`s hair, which is brown at the end of Logopolis but suddenly, at the start of this story, it`s got blonde highlights in!

castrovalva covers

After the opening credits we go straight into the Tardis and the hunt for the Zero Room, with none of that Pharos Project nonsense. Apart from anything else, it keeps the fact that Adric isn`t Adric a surprise. Shame the copy can`t act any more convincingly than the original…

Besides the regeneration itself, there are a few more differences between this Edit and the TX version for you to spot. For instance, there`s a new shot of the Tardis` destination being changed and a simpler version of the reveal that the Portreeve is really the Master. There`s also a few additional music cues in there and a Fade To Black too!

Castro`s Volvo is really The Return of The Master parts five to eight. It isn`t the best of starts for a new Doctor but this Fan Edit does what it can to improve things, something I reckon it does considerably.

Castrovalva DWM



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