Mawdryn Undead

The most memorable thing about this story, another exercise in continuity porn from season twenty, is of course the Brigadier`s flashback in episode two. These were a novelty back in the day and this one is probably the best and least contrived. But the reason for Fan Editing this story was two-fold. One, I needed to rip the isolated music score from the DVD anyway and two, I`d always fancied the notion of putting all the 1977 and 1983 sequences together and telling the story twice over from two different perspectives. Sadly that proved to be impossible, so I settled for the usual cut-down version instead.

The most important point early on in the narrative is the moment when the Doctor realises the `83 Brig has already met Tegan. From there on in you have to watch how you intercut the two plot lines. Prior to that you can go for it! If there`s any quibble with the plot it`s that the `77 Brig does a helluva lot of wandering around on Mawdryn`s ship. It`s a shame he couldn`t have interacted more with Tegan, with her trying to get rid of him before he meets himself.

As far as the New CG shots for this story are concerned, the only one I used in the end was the new version of the bit where they are about to crash into Mawdryn`s ship. The original is quite clearly a drawing – are you seriously trying to tell me that there wasn`t a single model spaceship lying around that they could have pressed into service?

Mawdryn Undead DWM

The two major changes in this FE from the TX version are to do with that flashback.

Much as I loved the original at the time and still do now, I decided to extend the sequence by lengthening the music cue and putting in as many extra Brig clips as I could. Great though the original was, it`s meant to be the Brigadier remembering his time with the Dr and UNIT, so that was the approach I took when selecting the new clips I wanted to use. The only question really was which clips to include and which ones to leave out. In the end I just went with my instinct and put in what felt right. 

doctor-who-complete-history-39I suppose everyone would have their own personal favourites in a sequence like this so once you`ve downloaded the file there`s nothing to stop you putting in your own clips instead if you disagree with the ones I`ve chosen. And to find out which ones they are, well you`ll just have to watch the sequence won`t you!

As a last word on the flashback, bookending it with that Three Doctors clip is a brilliant idea, particularly the reverse at the end. If you look closely, you`ll see that on the way into the flashback sequence they lined up the two shots using Nick`s nose but on the way out they lined them up using his eyes! That whole flashback sequence is a classic moment that`s now been made even better.

The other change was the actual moment when the two Brigs meet. There`s no incidental music at all in this sequence, something that I think is a glaring omission. It`s the dramatic high point of the story and the moment that everything has been building up to but the atmosphere falls strangely flat when it finally happens. Well, not anymore! And when you think about it, there`s only one piece of music that`s really appropriate. Yes, that fantastic flashback music cue gets pressed into service again. Not only does it tie in the Brig`s regaining of his memory to the reason for his losing it in the first place but quite apart from that it fits perfectly!

Despite the fact that this Fan Edit comes out at just over an hour [longer than most 4-parters!] there`s still lots of Brigadier for you to enjoy. Splendid fellow – both of him!



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