Revenge of the Cybermen

After all the complications of editing The Brain of Morbius, for my next Fan Edit I fancied something a little less involved. And so I set off for Nerva Beacon to Fan Edit the last of the Carey Blyton Soundtrack Replacements.

Unlike Morbius, Revenge of the Cidermen [I’m still waiting for the YouTube video where the Cybs are dubbed with “ooh arr!” accents…] came out at the usual length and it`s notable for two things – one, the almost complete lack of a shite Carey Blyton soundtrack and two, the singular lack of a Vorus sub-plot. It`s just two blokes in masks shouting at each other isn’t it? And that’s followed by two lots of blokes in masks shooting at each other from about six feet apart. It reminds me of the other Mike Briant directed shootout in Colony In Space, and was equally unimpressive.

The soundtrack was fairly straightforward to replace, although in a few places where it wasn`t possible to get rid of it I`ve dumped loads of other sounds on top to mask the bugger as much as possible. There are also a few sections where the TX soundtrack is completely mute but the music still carries the scenes. And what other soundtrack did I use? Well, I`m sure you can guess but if you want a clue it rhymes with birth sock…

revenge of the cybermen covers

Briant isn`t exactly my favourite Who director of all time. Not only did he nearly get our beloved Lis killed but he was the one who used Carey Bloody Blyton again! I mean, Death to the Daleks was bad enough! So good on Hinchcliffe for realising that Briant had blown it and getting Peter Howell in to try and save the day – if only Barry Letts had done the same. You can tell which cues are Howell`s, they’re the ones that aren’t rubbish. Even though the edit of this show now has three different lots of music in it at various points, I think the overall effect is a vast improvement and really helps to improve the atmosphere of the story. And anything’s better than the original!

revenge cybermen dwm

FX-wise about the only thing I fixed was the continuity error with the image of Voga on the beacon`s scanner screen. One minute the picture is Black and White, the next it`s Colour, then it`s Black and White again.

Then they switch to a shot of a sort of golden coloured planet before it turns to turd brown in close up. There wasn`t much I could do about the latter so instead I`ve settled for a screen grab of the gold planet and used that to mask the earlier B&W shots for consistency.

I added in the Tardis Lamp flashing, something omitted until it was almost completely dematerialised in the original and, although I couldn`t face hand-colouring the planet frame by frame, one place where I did make the effort was the return of the TARDIS. When Tom opens the door, you can clearly see the ticker tape of the Space Time Telegraph hanging on the inside wall. So I went through each individual frame – all 37 of them – blacking it out, removing a very obvious blooper.



6 thoughts on “Revenge of the Cybermen

  1. Wow, I never expected to find myself enjoying Revenge of the Cybermen but I liked this a lot. The Earthshock music is very well integrated (I especially like the ‘marching’ music for when the Cybermen are stomping through the caves) and less is definitely more with the Vogans – they even look quite effective when only shown on film!
    What I like so much about these edits is that they make you appreciate what ingredients flawed Doctor Who stories actually get right. So often when you’re watching a bad – or just plain dull – story you’re too damn bored to appreciate the good bits. The performances and the stuff in the caves is actually extremely good. Poor Kevin Stoney gets totally wasted under that beard and silly mask!
    My very favourite bit was a short exchange between Tom and Lis – ‘Doctor! It’s good to see you’ ‘(nonchalantly) Is it? (starts laughing) Oh!’) – which I’d never noticed before because I’d probably nodded off by that point in Episode 4!

    1. Yeah, Kevin Stoney is unrecognisable and you would never know it was him. Even the Megaphone bloke from Snakedance can be recognised by his voice but no way would you know that was the same bloke who played Mavic Chen & Tobias Vaughn!

      The music was a real challenge to get right since I had to try and integrate it with the bits of Blyton I couldn’t get rid of!

      I know what you mean about that Tom’n’Lis moment, that’s what you get when you have two actors genuinely get on with each other!

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