Voyage of the Damned

Given that this weekend marks the centenary of the sinking of the real Titanic, I thought I might as well upload the Fan Edit of the fate of it`s fictional Sto namesake.


Although the main focus of my Fan Editing is the Classic Series, I do tackle the New Series from time to time and today the Titanic Edit of Voyage of the Damned gets to be showcased first.

I haven`t done many more of these as Murray Gold doesn`t exactly make it easy, but the idea behind this one was very simple; the end of Last of the Time Lords leads straight into Time Crash which in turn leads straight into Voyage of the Damned so why not join all three together!

Time Crash mock Target cover artist unknownI started with Martha`s goodbye scene from Last of the Time Lords as that seemed the best place to start after the events of the Master`s return and death. Listen and see if you can spot the point where we cross fade from one soundtrack to another as we go into Time Crash. With the latter the main consideration was how to work around the credits and a quick cutaway to the Tardis in the vortex turned out to be the answer to that one. There`s also an additional Murray Gold cue in there to help cover the join.

As for Voyage itself, there weren`t that many cuts that I could make due to Murray Gold`s music being all over the bloody thing. There are some scenes missing but if anything a dissonant music cue makes a cut much more “visible”, so a lot of stuff that I would otherwise have got rid of is still in there.

And no, there`s no abortive rescue of Astrid and no Kylie made of stardust either. In this version she falls to her doom and she`s gone.

Voyage of the Damned by Adrian Salmon DWM468

One thing I did manage to do was to fix that bloody awful flipped shot of Mr Copper. I hate it when they do that as it`s more noticeable than the supposed mistake they were trying to correct. So I`ve flipped the offending shot back the right way.

The thing is, it`s only really when you watch all the stuff before the titles joined together that you realise just how quickly the Doctor forgets all about Martha, even if he does have rather a lot on his plate. He goes straight from a bit of ebony booty to a little blonde chambermaid, the lucky bugger, but little does he know that a certain Ginger is going to make an unexpected return…

kylie dwm

7 thoughts on “Voyage of the Damned

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  2. Your version of this story really makes you realize just how chaotic the Doctor’s life is. All this stuff happening all in a row – it makes you wonder what happened the minute he left.

    This was excellent. Some small edits, but rather good overall.

    Looking forward to seeing the End of Time edit you mentioned as well.

    • Yeah I was thinking that too – no wonder he`s so thin!

      Had a look back at End of Time last night – oh, I think you`re gonna like it!

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