The Invasion

It`s nearly a year now since we lost dear old Nicholas Courtney so this Edit opens and closes with a dedication to the actor. In putting together this Fan Edit I decided to split the story into two episodes instead of a single compilation edit, that way I could put all the animated material into part one.

I really like the animation style used for the story and, although it has a completely different feel to the live action stuff, it certainly works to bring the missing episodes to life. But a single edit with a mix of the two didn`t feel right, where as one episode with all the animated stuff in did, so that`s the approach I went for.

cybermen invasion covers

There are a few original elements to part one of this fan edit that I put together to help cover the joins which I hope you`ll like. There`s also a pre-titles sequence which sets up the premise and helps to make up for the fact that the Cybermen are hardly in the first episode. I can see the shock value in keeping them back originally and the moment when one finally bursts out of its shroud must have been a real “Earthshock” moment back in the day. Now of course, everybody knows the Cybermen are the villains of the piece and so, as you will have seen if you watched the trailer at the end of The Mind Robber, I`ve re-titled this The Invasion of the Cybermen. And why not, I`m sure that`s what the show would have been titled otherwise. Just think of the original as a “Dinosaurs” type piece of misdirection.

doctor who complete history 08As you can imagine, cutting down an eight part story down to two episodes of 40-odd minutes each means there`s a heck of a lot of padding that we can lose. But the loss of it isn`t noticeable and I doubt there are any scenes not included here that you will miss. I think my favourite two bits are the opening and the rescue of Zoe and Isobel, both animated sequences which were very time-consuming to do. They required a heck of a lot of work, especially the latter which is now a dialogue-free action sequence, but I reckon they were both really worth it and I hope you agree!

By comparison with that first episode, the second half was altogether easier to do. The only really tricky bit was the changeover from episodes 7 to 8; if you watch this scene in both eps, you`ll notice that the Cyber Controller voice is pitched completely differently in both versions, making the join really obvious. So I had to do a bit of pitch-shifting and crossfading with the voice track to smooth over the transition.

DWM The Invasion

The only major ommission is the “pesky kids in the sewer” sub-plot which does absolutely nothing to advance the story. However I did include the policeman`s death in the trailer at the end of The Mind Robber so in a way it`s still there.

The Invasion by Adrian Salmon

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2 thoughts on “The Invasion

  1. Just finished watching the second part of The Invasion. Nice little touches like the Cybermen in the sewers montage and making the scientist’s death a lot clearer. The last couple of episodes have always been a bit all over the place pace wise but the final battle scene seemed a lot more exciting than I remember in the TV version…. did you reorder some of the material with UNIT vs. the Cybes?

    1. Hi Peter, glad you liked the Edit.
      Without going back and checking I can’t be sure but I’m pretty certain I did as I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t!

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