Second up in the “Return of the Master” Trilogy, is Logopolis. I edited the three stories that make up this arc in order so this was tackled second. Personally I think “Logopolis” is a crap title, when I first saw it I thought the story was called Logo Polis about a bunch of intergalactic policemen in the logo squad…

I hate those stupid bloody JNT one word titles that give you no idea what it is you`re about to watch so instead I`ve given this one the much more dramatic title of “Death of a Timelord”. It’s the “death” of the fourth Doctor that we`re heading towards after all, the end of an Era. What a pity it had to come in such a dull story.

Logopolis covers

I can understand why there was a counter-reaction against the silliness of the Adams/Williams Era from the new production team but, for all their many faults, at least those stories were entertaining. What`s the point of replacing Polarity Flow Reversing gobbledygook with scientifically accurate terminology that might as well be gobbledygook to the bulk of the audience?  The fact of the matter is that Bidmead can’t tell an engaging story for toffee.  

So how the hell to fan edit this one to make it more entertaining? Well, let’s start with episode one, which could very well have been written by his successor as Script Editor, so monumentally Saward-esque is it in its complete inability to get the Doctor involved in the plot. Not that there is a plot as such, it`s all scene setting and bugger all happens until the cliffhanger, which in this version comes some twelve and a half minutes in. Nice though the scenes with Tegan and Auntie Vanessa are, they`re still padding and it`s much more dramatic to have Tegan simply appear in the console room, as much of a shock to the audience as it is to the Doctor. And we see her on the scanner with her flat tyre so it`s obvious what`s happened.


All that business with the policeman thinking that the Doctor is responsible for shrinking the Master`s victims beggars belief so let`s just pretend he gives them UNIT`s phone number and move on shall we…

In Part One, Bidmead was anticipating Saward, now in Part Two he`s channelling Adams; what the fekk`s going on here? I mean, for all he never took things entirely seriously, I doubt even dear old Douglas would have come up with something so monumentally daft as landing the Tardis underwater to “flush out the Master”! I`m sorry but WTF? Nuts!

Poor old Tegan spends almost the entire episode lost in the Tardis so I`ve edited all that padding out too and now she simply turns up in the console room when we need her to. And speaking of padding, if it were up to me I would have cut out the whole shrinking Tardis bit but the story doesn`t make sense without it – how else do they know the Master`s on Logopolis?

So I`ve cut it back to the absolute minimum, which is what you do with stuff you simply can`t get rid of to stop it clogging up the plot. So after another twelve minutes or so we get to the shrinking Tardis and that means we`re sitting at twenty-five minutes in, meaning we`ve condensed the first two episodes into the length of one. Part Three lasts fourteen minutes, which is quite a lot for a third episode.

Finally, it`s Part Four and all we’re interested in is getting Tom to the radar dish as quick as we can. Now this is where it gets interesting…

First of all, there`s another WTF moment as the Master broadcasts his blackmail message to the Universe. That gets cut, to the almost “universal” relief of everyone except the sort of person who doesn’t like Fan Edits anyway. When we come to the actual fall, well I think one flashback is enough for anyone, don`t you?

So here the Doctor simply gets electrocuted by the cable and falls to his doom. Part of the reason for this is that the actual fall isn`t from that great a height if you look at it, so let`s just pretend that it`s a combination of the two, the implied electrocution and the fall itself, that finish him off. Yes, I too like the self-referencing thing of Tom letting go both figuratively and literally but what`s the point of a Fan Edit if not to do things differently from what`s on your DVD?

I did toy with the idea of cutting the second flashback too but nostalgia for the late lamented Sarah and the Brig got the better of me. And quite right too, I still can`t believe they`re both gone…

As for the actual regeneration itself, well of course, it`s different from the TX version. What else did you expect! Although it`s a bit more “traditional” than the TX version the Watcher is still in there. Go straight to about fifty minutes in if you want to see it first. Personally I think my take on it is the better of the two, but then, I think that`s true of the entire story! We open with the original continuity announcement for part four and close with a rather special set of end titles.

So long Tom, thanks for everything and we’ll see you again in about thirty years` time…



2 thoughts on “Logopolis

  1. That was excellent. Although I would’ve named it something like “Fall of a Doctor” or somesuch. I mean, we *know* he’s going to die at the end, but we don’t know *how*. “Fall” implies death, y’see, and… Oh, forget it. It’s late, and I’m rambling.

    But this was excellent. Well done. Interesting take on the regeneration.

    1. The regneration always irked me in that it didn`t go straight from Tom to Peter so I deffo wanted to fix that; now the Watcher just gets sort of absorbed and then it`s onto the changeover. Had to fiddle with the two screengrabs to match them up a bit better than the TX cross fade, especially the scarf and the background never mind the faces!

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