Doctor Who Big Finish Inferno

The most recent Bond Movie before Inferno went into production would have been On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, with George Lazenby, otherwise known as the Paul McGann of James Bond. But in the previous film, You Only Live Twice, Blofeld has an almost identical scar to the Brigade Leader. Now that could just be a complete coincidence but I think not!

inferno covers

And, speaking of Parallel Worlds, if you look closely at the photos on the wall of Pertwee`s dressing room in the movie The House That Dripped Blood, you`ll spot a photo of him in Bessie from Inferno in amongst them. That is if you can take your eyes off Ingrid Pitt`s cleavage for long enough! So somewhere there’s an alternate universe where a horror movie actor called Paul Henderson, who’s a dead ringer for Jon Pertwee, made a movie called Inferno just before starting work on Curse of the Bloodsuckers! If nothing else, considering the crossover implications of that one should keep us all busy…!

So since Doctor Three often gets compared to James Bond, I thought why not give this Fan Edit a James Bond soundtrack? I had already done a condensed version of the chase from Episode Three on YouTube and it worked well enough to convince me to try and do the whole story that way. Fan Editing is about being creative and doing different things with the material, after all! And since the Doctor visits two versions of the same reality, why not use John Barry music for our world and David Arnold for the parallel version, that way you really do get the best of both worlds, so to speak!


Adding in new music is the most time-consuming but most creatively satisfying part of the entire process, searching for a cue that was written for something else entirely but which is just the right length and has just the right atmosphere for the scene you’re adding it to. When I did the 71 Edit, there was much more music but watching it back I realised that half the time it drowned out the dialogue and the rest of the time you couldn’t hear it!

Inferno by Adrian Salmon DWM 324

And that’s the biggest problem – you’ve got the drilling noise constantly in the background and when they penetrate the earth’s crust it gets even worse. Even without additional music you sometimes struggle to hear what the actors are saying. In the end I decided to restrict myself to adding music to the big set pieces – fights on top of gasometers, being shot at whilst in Bessie, that kind of thing. I did toy with the idea of sticking with the TX version and alternating between the two worlds but the whole point of the drama is what happens when the Doctor gets back to the real world. So in this version the real world bookends the parallel world section in the middle of the show. I also toyed with the idea of doing this in two parts but, since this is really Doctor Who as a Bond Movie, I decided to stick with a feature-length edit.

And finally, there`s something a little bit special at about an hour and five minutes in.

The infamous cut scene with Pertwee`s all too recognisable radio announcer? It’s back in, but this time someone else is voicing the part. Me.

As an actor myself, I think it`s about time I made an appearance in one of my own Fan Edits and doing the radio voice was a nice way of including the scene too! 

This was one of the most enjoyable Edits I`ve done yet and I think it`s some of my best work. It was also the first feature-length edit I had done at the time and it would certainly be one of my Desert Island Edits. If there were such a thing, that is. It`s also the longest one to date, at an hour and forty-three minutes. And keep watching to the end for those movie-style closing credits!

download infernoInferno by Ben Willsher DWM461


8 thoughts on “Inferno

  1. Wasn’t expecting this so early. Glad to see it. It’s still downloading, but I wanted you to know that I’m pleased to see it. I’ll let you know what I think once it’s done.

    1. It`s a relatively large file @ 800 meg but it is nearly two hours long! I might be away from a PC on Friday so put it up a wee bit early!

      1. Eight hours of downloading later, plus the near two hours of viewing…

        That was excellent! The music fit the story very well. And I’m glad you kept in the last scene with the rubbish tip. One of my all-time favorite scenes in Dr Who.

      2. seriously? it took that long? bloody hell – sorry, had no idea it would take as long as that! [note to self – from now on, no longer than an hour, even if that means making the bloody thing a two-parter!]

        Glad you liked it Sean!

  2. Oh, don’t let me effect your work. Like you said, you’re doing it for yourself. It’s not like I sat around all day waiting for it.

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