Terror of the Vervoids

This is the third and final in our series of Fan Edits of the individual stories from the epic fail that is Trial of a Timelord, edited to remove all the Trial scenes and treat the story like it was part of an “ordinary” season of Classic Who.

Doctor Who Big Finish Terror Vervoids

So,  you’re stuck in a lift with Mel and Adric and you’ve got a gun with only one bullet. Who do you shoot first? Answer? Yourself!

The decision to replace the shagtastic Nicola Bryant with Bonnie Bloody Langford has to be filed under “WTF was JNT thinking?”, which is probably the thickest file in Andrew Pixley’s collection. She’s not the worst thing in the story but she comes bloody close.

That dubious honour has to go to the script, which has some of the worst dialogue you’ve ever heard. And when that dialogue is spoken by an “actress” with a voice like nails down a blackboard whilst biting on silver paper, you know you’ve got a real Fan Edit Challenge on your hands! 

The answer of course is to cut Mel out of the story as much as possible and only leave her with lines if there’s no way you can get rid of them. The story itself isn’t too bad and it`s got the late Yolanda Palfrey in it – second only to the aforementioned Nicola Bryant in the “most shaggable bird in Classic Who” stakes and with a nice bit of VPL on display too.

When it came to Part Two and onward I decided to include the continuity recaps from the original TX of the story. I remember enjoying these at the time and wondering why they’d never been done before. Again, all the episodes came out quite short by the time all the cuts had been made, making this FE more akin to Mysterious Planet than Mindwarp.

vervoids covers

terror vervoids dwm

The 71 Edits of the four episodes – all the scenes on the ship, none of the scenes in the courtroom – were seven, seven, four and six minutes longer respectively than the downloadable 72 Edits. That`s quite a bit shorter by the time I’d cut out all the padding and as much Mel as I could, particularly from the first two eps.

With the release of this story, the fan edited Colin Baker Era is almost complete, with the singular exception of the Trial itself. I think it’ll be a while before I tackle that one!

Terror of the Vervoids by Adrian Salmon

DONWLOAD JNT terrorofthevervoids

5 thoughts on “Terror of the Vervoids

  1. Yes Carl, I`m afraid we must! I reckon it`s the voice mostly. She`s the female Adric and the worst comp EVER! And, annoying as she often was, at least Tegan had tits…

  2. I think Mel is one of those companions that’s easier to deal with in this spin-off media. I listened to her in one of the audios a while ago, and I actually found her to be far less annoying. And no screaming either!

    I still think it’s possible to edit “Trial” into a possible two parter. The first half being all the stuff in the trial room, and the second half being The Ultimate Foe. I honestly think it’s workable, if you just show the scenes that they interrupted, like the bit where Glitz’s dialogue got bleeped out.

    • That`s a good point about Mel actually – I`ve only heard bits of her in trailers but she seems much less annoying than she was on telly. And I`m quite sure in real life that Ms Langford is a nice person.

      Yeah I know what you mean about Trial but I still like the idea of a clipfest, it just appeals to the Fanboy in me. Maybe I should do two versions!

  3. Well done! With the trial sections gone and Mel’s unappealing lines excised, this is Doctor Who again. This version makes the story much easier to follow.

  4. One thing I never got about this part of the Trial, if the Doctor wanted to show the Time Lords an example of him getting involved against his will, why didn’t he show them “Genesis of the Daleks”? In fact, thats what Trial should have been, mostly new stories, but with clips from previous stories/Doctors, to act as a reminder of whats good about the program. (Although, knowing JNT, he’d probably mess it up)

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