The Chase

Doctor Who Big Finish Chase
The Chase Radio TimesWe start this fan edit with the coda from the previous adventure The Space Museum, which references the SpaceTime Visualiser that we didn’t actually get to see in that edit, as I wanted to keep it back until the start of this story.

Dr Who’s Time Telly is a nice enough idea, if a little superfluous given that it’s sat inside an actual time machine with both a scanner and a Time Scanner. And it gets completely forgotten about after the first episode once it’s fulfilled its storytelling purpose of padding out the episode and giving us a nice dramatic reveal of “oh no, the Daleks are after us! Quick, leg it!” .

chase covers

I think the coda works much better as a fairly dramatic pre-credits sequence at the start of this story than as a tag scene at the end of the previous one. As for why they’re chasing the Doctor, well, in terms of the fiction of the Whoniverse it might be for foiling their invasion of Earth [the previous transmitted Dalek story on telly] but I like to think that it’s for nobbling their Masterplan, which would mean this is a sequel to a story we haven’t yet seen, meaning wibbly wobbly timey wimey isn’t quite as modern an idea as you might think!

Truncating a mediocre six part story into a fast paced forty minutes or so means a lot of omissions and the first significant one is the sandstorm, which we get round pretty easily before the Dr & Babs get captured by the fish heads. Ian`s knock on the head doesn`t have much of an, er… impact on the story [ouch!] and they make it back to the Tardis without too much trouble either.

the chase dwm

doctor who complete history 11There`s lots from the original that`s missing here without impacting the story at all, from the Mary Celeste to the Empire State Building, those incongruous Movie Daleks minus their bases [wtf?] and especially the Doctor`s robot double who looks nothing like him! But it moves along at a fair old lick now and it’s all the better for it. The Chase is really just The Dalek Masterplan in miniature, and Masterplan is just a rerun of The Keys of Marinus!

This marks the point where Terry Nation realised that he could sell the production team the same basic story all over again. That’s either very shrewd or very lazy depending on your point of view but bear in mind that Masterplan, the third version of this same basic Villains Chase Hero Plot, or at least his half of it,  would be the last time he would write for the show until Planet of The Daleks. And what was that? A rewrite of the very first Dalek story!

All in all, The Chase is probably the most frustrating edit I`ve worked on yet. Some of that comes from the limitations of the material [the production values are pretty shoddy, which is a shame] and partly from having a narrative that takes a heck of a long time to get going and feels like Marinus 2 in places. The Chase is a dull title for a Doctor Who story and as you might expect, there`s not quite so much chasing being done in this version so I’ve renamed this one “Revenge of the Daleks”, which is a much better title and the one they should have gone with.



The Chase by Ben Willsher DWM420




10 thoughts on “The Chase

  1. So much better than the original one. No more invincible Frankenstein. No more easily subdued different looking duplicate and old man stick fight. No more retarded guy in New York. Why aren’t Barbara and Ian satisfied with New York in 1966? I doesn’t matter because it never happened.

    The only thing that threw me was Ian’s knock on the head. Vicki clearly mentions it but what I didn’t get, was how the hell did he get back in the TARDIS?

    Regardless, the episode is a vast improvement to the original.

    1. When Vicki and Ian climb down into the tunnel, if you notice he loses his footing. The idea was that he slipped, fell and bashed his bonce. Maybe that wasn’t clear enough, but I didn`t want all that rubbish with the Fish Heads blowing up tunnels.

      They pick up Ian on the way to the TARDIS – Vicki knows where she left him – and they escape off-screen without the pepperpots getting in their way. Mainly because the scene where they lure the Dalek into their beartrap is bad beyond words!

  2. Also, why Revenge of the Daleks? I get the need for a new title as their is no chase but did you consider calling it “The Executioners”? It seems like an appropriate and canonical name for the story? I’m not complaining mind you this is just a curiosity?

    1. 1] Like I said, there`s not much actual chasing going on 2] Dalek stories are usually The Something of the Daleks 3] It`s a great title
      4] The Daleks are after him, and seeking revenge, for him
      nobbling their Master Plan, even though it hasn’t happened yet for the Doctor. He probably thinks they’re after him for all nobbling their Planet With A Bloody Great Big Engine Inside It Plan…

  3. I loved this tidy little short edit, and this is all the meat there is to the story too. I’d imagine if the Cushing movies ever made it to this one, the filler stuff would be more at home there and would look lavish with the budget…and you’d get Cushing actually getting a chance to mock the very Hammer Horror movie genre he was known for at the time.

    Here though, none of that is missed, and we get at least the two planets where the noteworthy things happen before we head off to another adventure. I also like your headcanon that this was a sequel to Masterplan for the Daleks and a prequel for our heroes. True wibbly-wobbly in effect

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