The Dalek Invasion of Earth


dalek invasion of earth radio times

Dalek Invasion of Earth Radio Times

Following on from my previous FE of The Daleks, where I used the music from the Peter Cushing Movie for the soundtrack, I decided to do the same with DIoE. This proved to be a bit more of a challenge as the Silva Screen CD only contains “clean” tracks direct from the film`s soundtrack so extraneous background noise was something I had to be aware of when using these cues. Just for completeness, and after all it is a sequel of sorts, there are a few additional cues from the first film in there too.

dalek invasion covers

This edit was originally done last year but when I revisited it recently, I felt that I had edited it a bit too severely and so took the opportunity to put some material back in that I felt the story needed. It`s a very subjective business, what we need and what we don’t, complicated by the fact that we`re so familiar with the material that our Fan Brain subconsciously plugs the gaps of the bits that we know are missing. All in all there`s an additional seven minutes of footage in the “new” version which I think makes this a much better edit than first time round.

Dalek Invasion of Earth by Adrian Salmon

I`ve included a few shots from the film in various places as well as one shot from the SE version on the DVD of the TV original – so that makes three different sources in the one production, which is a first! The shot of the power station had to be screengrabbed frame by frame as the software I used at the time didn’t detect anything available via seamless branching. So that was a real pain in the arse but at the time I felt it was worth the effort for that single two-second shot.

Dalek Invasion of Earth by Roger Langridge

The other thing I wanted to do was replace the Dalek voices with the ones from the movie as quite frankly they are much better than their TV counterparts. I was able to do this quite easily for almost the entire show with the exception of two short scenes that weren`t in the movie. And so I called on my old chum Stuart Palmer of Altered Vistas` Dalek Chronicles fame to step into the breach. Stuart did a grand job of getting the voices in these two scenes quite close to the originals and, although they don`t sound exactly the same, they are a very close match.

dwm dalek invasion earth

One of the things that gets lost in this FE is the reason for the Daleks mining operations – the whole planetary engine thing is just too bonkers for words and the TV version is a bit naff so, since it was impossible to incorporate the movie version, here the story stops when Babs & the Doc get the Robos to turn on the Daleks, scuppering whatever their plans were. Okay, so that means we never do find out why they turned the whole of Bedfordshire [the entire county? really?] into a gigantic mining area, but I think we can live with that…

The other significant thing about the story is Susan’s departure. I for one wasn’t sorry to see her go, all that bloody hysteria of hers really got on my nerves, she was even worse than Victoria! Her departure gets slightly reworked from the original but it`s more or less intact. The final thing to note is just how much fun I had trying to emulate the style of the Cushing movies with the opening intro and the closing titles. It was too good an opportunity to pass up!





6 thoughts on “The Dalek Invasion of Earth

  1. This was really good. The thing I noticed most was that about halfway through Ian almost completely disappears. His dialogue gets cut with the earthship sub plot. I don’t mind the removal that sub plot but I don’t think its too outlandish for Doctor Who. Crazier things have happened.

    1. The idea was to try and edit it to the template of the movie, as that was where the music was going to fit. The whole Ian and Larry subplot doesn’t really work for me and smells like padding. And the TV version of the bomb is bad beyond words so that was never going to make the cut!

      Just think of it as William Russell being on holiday for a while!

  2. I liked this one a lot, and like replacing some of the shots with that of Invasion Earth, I’m not too fond of the music playing over Bill saying goodbye to Susan..seemed too intrusive, bur eh, it makes the edit unique creatively I suppose. Don’t mind me, just preference.

    1. Since the whole idea of the edit was to make it like the Cushing Movie, I simply used the film’s closing music cue at the end of the edit. Had it been done today Murray Gold would have been all over it!

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