The Dastari Experiment

… otherwise known as The Two Doctors is a story that just doesn`t work, for all the reasons that we know.

Doctor Who Big Finish Dastari Experiment

Yes it would have been better – and made more sense – if Pat had been sent to rescue Colin, but for my part I always wondered what it would be like re-edited as a Patrick Troughton story. And so I Fan Edited it to find out!

Episode One

On a mission for the Time Lords to space station Camera, the Doctor’s attempts to convince Dastari to abandon dangerous experiments in time travel are interrupted when the station is attacked by Sontarans…

Very simply, this first episode is all the Pat sequences – from the story`s opening to Two getting captured by the Sontarans – edited together and minus all the padding, by which I mean all the scenes with Sixie in `em!

It opens and closes with the Troughton title sequence and, although the TX version quickly faded into colour, this version is entirely in Black & White. I think this story works much better as a Pat story with Colin in it as, once again, the script gives Sixie very little to do.

The other thing to watch out for is the climax reveal of the Sontarans – in the original they’re revealed in a long shot FFS! I mean, WTF was Peter Moffat thinking? So I`ve rectified that here with a nice new close up composited from a screen-grab of the background, a photo of Stike and the smoke overlay from Dalek Masterplan! Now that`s what they should have done!


Episode Two

The Doctor is captured by the Sontarans and taken to Earth where, in the cellar of a remote hacienda on the outskirts of Seville, Dastari prepares to operate on him…

There`s no recap from the previous episode – we`re straight into Two apparently being tortured and Jamie escaping from Shockeye. The story continues as seen from Pat`s point of view with all the scenes from the Hacienda strung together. Still no Sixie in this ep – he finally puts in an appearance in episode three. The episode ends with Dastari about to cut Two`s head open!


Episode Three

With the operation interrupted, Dastari implements the backup plan – to turn the Doctor into an Androgum! Before Sixie can rescue him, Two and Shockeye head into Seville in search of food…

You might think that Sixie just turning up out of the blue is a bit strange but remember, this story is meant to be a Pat Story so from Two`s point of view that’s how it would have been for him.

If it had been up to me I would have skipped all the “Doctor Androgum” stuff altogether, but it`s impossible to lose it without the narrative taking an awkward jump so I reluctantly left it in but cut it back to the bare minimum.


Episode Four

Recaptured, the Doctors return to the hacienda. Sixie sabotages the Khartz-Rhymer Module, Dastari`s creature turns on him and Shockeye gets his just desserts from the wrong character …

The main thing that’s missing here is Sixie`s despatch of Shockeye, which now happens offstage. I doubt it would have caused as much of a stir back in Hinchcliffe`s day but it doesn’t work, mainly I think because it’s Sixie who takes the initiative. That leaves the audience in the awkward position of feeling sorry for the Hunter instead of the Hunted! Yet another example of just how out of touch JNT and Saward were… how could they not realize that it should have been Jamie who dispatched Shockeye?

This version of the story works so much better for me and I`m really pleased with the way it turned out. I suppose one day I really should Fan Edit the story from Sixie`s POV but for the moment this version will do!



9 thoughts on “The Dastari Experiment

    1. Have no fear, Sixie will appear – but not until episode three. His involvement is kept to a minimum, the idea being that this is a Pat story. He’s in three and four, impossible to edit him out completely.

  1. Even though Sixie appears and it’s in black and white I like The Dastari Experiment because it feels like the Second Doctor era revived 16 years on

    1. That was the idea. Fan editing is all about doing something different with the source material, otherwise why do it? And I always wondered what it would be like as a Pat story

  2. This is a big improvement over the original. The only sad thing is that the episodes are so short. Now only if they could have temporarily dyed Troughton’s hair to bring it closer to the color it was when he was in the role twenty years earlier!

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