Destiny of the Daleks

The first thing you`ll notice about this Fan Edit is that, unlike the TX version, it doesn’t open with the classic Bernard Lodge title sequence but my updated Sid Sutton version. There were a couple of reasons for this, the first was that I really liked the improved version and it seemed a shame not to make use of it. The second was that I always thought that if JNT had introduced his changes gradually they wouldn’t have been such a shock to the system. I don`t know about you, but for me Part One of The Leisure Hive was 25 jaw-dropping minutes of “WTF have they done?”.

complete-history-19So the titles here are a combination of the updated Sid Sutton Starfield with the Bernard Lodge Diamond Logo, a sort of intermediate stage between the classic Lodge sequence and the updated version of the Sutton sequence used for my Peter Davison Fan Edits. As for the music, it`s the same combination of the Delia Derbyshire and Peter Howell versions, with the latter pitch-shifted down to match the former, that I use for Peter and Colin Edits.

Okay, on to the story itself. This was one of the Edits that I wanted to go back and redo with the CG added in. When I ripped the DVD originally, the program I used [DVD Shrink] didn’t recognise the seamless branching elements, which is how they do the CG on the DVDs. So the original version of this and Earthshock had to be done from the TX version, which was a pity. But I managed to get hold of DVD Decrypter recently which does recognise seamless branching and so the CG Edit was back on! The first thing I did was to look back over the original 2011 Edit to see how many shots would need replacing.

destiny of the daleks covers

Watching it again, I felt that, like Twin Dilemma before it, I could do a much better job now and so I decided to start the whole thing again from scratch. So this version of Destiny isn’t the original which some of you may have downloaded, with some alternate CG shots, but a completely new edit. It`s not massively different to the first attempt – the difference between the two is only about three minutes – but whilst it`s not a great deal longer, I think including that little bit of extra footage helps make the new version a much better Edit.

The show opens with the TARDIS landing on Skaro and a second later the door opens and the Doctor and Romana step out. We don‘t need all that bollocks with K9 and Romana`s regeneration, it`s straight into the action and on with the story. The Doctor and Romana go straight to the ruins and the Daleks arrive about nine minutes in, which shows you just how much padding there was while we were waiting for them to turn up!

Like all the other shows from this season, the idea behind the Edit was to try and take the story a bit more seriously. I know all that Douglas Adams stuff has its admirers, but this is Doctor Who and the H2G2 approach to storytelling just doesn’t work for me. It just comes across as “look at us – aren’t we clever to be so terribly witty”. No, actually, you`re not. So don’t go looking for any of that “try climbing after us” stuff in this Edit when they escape.

Davros appears at about 20 minutes in and I took the opportunity to treat David Gooderson`s voice to make it sound more Dalek-y. It seems under-treated to me in the TX version and I used a free program called Hog to improve the voice track. Then I overlaid the Dalek-y`d sound file over the untreated one and trimmed out all the non-Davros dialogue. If you listen very closely you can hear the difference in sound quality between when Davros is speaking and when he isn’t but the effect works and is a distinct improvement!

The new CG sequences were a complete pain in the arse to do, for a variety of reasons, not least of which was the fact that they ripped in small sections of just over a second each. That caused all sorts of hassles with lots of quick cross fading between the video track with the TX version and the second track with the CG shots. That was the 72 Edit, to which I added the new Davros Voice Track and the music cues, giving me a final 73 Edit for you to download.

And speaking of music cues, this story is a strange one from that point of view, in that there’s hardly any music in it! Whether that was an artistic decision or an economic one I don’t know but it’s one that doesn’t help with the story’s lack of atmosphere; and so that Heathcliffe Blair CD gets pressed into service one last time, but only for the major sequences where you really would have expected Dudley to have put something over them. All in all I reckon it was worthwhile going back and doing this again, as I reckon it`s a big improvement on the first attempt from a year ago.

daleks destiny dwm




7 thoughts on “Destiny of the Daleks

    • Not exactly Tim, but glad to see someone`s paying enough attention to notice!

      The answer is that this Edit, and a couple of others, were originally done minus the CGI Effects that are on the DVD. That`s because the software I normally use – DVD Shrink – doesn’t recognise anything on the disc that’s available via Seamless Branching, which is how they do the CGI option.

      And so I did the Edit from the TX Version but if I`d had the choice at the time I would certainly have utilised the CGI FX. For instance, I couldn’t imagine doing the Invasion of Time without them, could you? Well,the good news is that I now have a programme – DVD Decrypter – that does rip the seamless stuff so the plan is to go back and redo this and the others with the CGI FX included. That`ll take a bit of time to do, hence the reason why it hasn’t been uploaded yet!

    • If you mean the blue one it was screen grabbed from the “proper” titles to match the dimensions of the one in the trailer and then overlaid.

    • It’s not just this one – Oboom itself seems to be down, keeps coming up Webpage Not Available. Will upload to Mega instead, which should take about an hour to complete. Check back later. Thanks for letting me know.

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