Welcome to Whoflix!

Welcome to Whoflix, the Doctor Who Fan Edits Site!

This is where I`ll be detailing my adventures in Fan Editing, something I`ve been doing since the Special Edition of  The Five Doctors came out on VHS. Fan Editing back in those days was all down to two linked video recorders and good timing!

Nowadays of course, it`s all done on pooters and although I`m not Farmergeddon or Kelvington I reckon my work can hold it`s own in it`s own way – you`re not going to see the stuff you will find here anywhere else! [unless some bugger reposts them elsewhere as his own work, the thieving bastard!]

I realise that Fan Edits aren`t everyone`s cup of tea. Like Dame Levine for instance, who holds completely the opposite view to mine – she would rather have Extended Editions of every story, including Timelash! But it`s undeniable that nowadays, thanks to the New Series, we`re used to getting our Who in one big chunk that lasts less than an hour, so this site will be conducting an ongoing experiment to see if Classic Who is any more enjoyable when you view it that way instead. I already know the answer to that one, but why not download my work and see for yourself if I`m right!

Nobody else that I know of in Fandom is doing this kind of thing so I guess that makes me Fan Editor In Chief and if my work inspires you to have a go yourself then let me know how you get on!


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